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This odd story has been discussed in a couple of blog posts at Steve Sailer's blog and has provided fodder for a lot of jokes among the commentariat.
It is laughable on one level, but the picture it paints, of a certain type of White liberal/leftist, is depressing.
Lots of pro-White bloggers and writers have written at length about Whites' misplaced altruism and inverted empathy for aliens at the expense of our own, and this story is a rather exaggerated example.
The hoaxster, a 40-year-old man who posed as a young lesbian living in Syria, offers the typical leftist defense of his deception:
"While the narrative voice may have been fictional, the facts on this blog are true and not misleading as to the situation on the ground," he writes.''
Ah, the ''truthiness'' defense. The details may not have been true, but they COULD have represented a truth.
A few people, in commenting on MacMaster's bizarre hoax, have remarked how the whole victimhood storyline is something that plays well among the multiculturalist set, the people who perpetually idealize the sainted 'Others', especially if they are of the LGBT persuasion. Then there is the glamorizing of this 'Arab Spring' storyline, with the oppressed Arabs as noble fighters for Freedom.
But actually, another group of avid fans of this kind of storyline is the neocon/counterjihad group. One of the things that led to my disillusionment with the counterjihadists several years back is that American counterjihad types seemed to be excessively focused on Europe and the Middle East, rather than on our country. I always wondered why their main concern was for these far-off places, while this country, our country, is being invaded and colonized, and our whole system seems to be crumbling. And it is not all due to Islam.
I certainly care about Europe; I follow the news from that part of the world, and I wish our European cousins well, but Europeans are ultimately the ones in whose hands Europe's future rests, and America must be defended by Americans. Nobody out there in the wider world will come to our aid, or lie awake nights fretting over us and our future. It's up to us, and it's up to the Europeans to defend their interests.
Still, many Americans seem to feel more comfortable (verbally) fighting Islam, especially on the European front, rather than tackling our home-centered problems like mass immigration, urban violence, and the degrading of our culture. I think partly this is because it is acceptable to oppose Islam, especially among those on the Republican right. However, I've noticed that for these people, their political incorrectness does not extend to criticizing other minority groups; only Islam is fair game.
Other minority groups are higher on the PC totem pole, and must not be spoken ill of. Moslems, however, enjoy less protection from criticism, at least among Republicans.
Leftists will criticize Islam if it conflicts with their pro-gay belief system. Feminists on the left are less willing to take a stand against Moslem mistreatment of women, though feminists on the right will criticize Islam on their misogyny, as well as their 'homophobia.'
I've long noticed that the counterjihad right tends to exalt and fawn over Moslem feminists (Ayaan Hirsi Ali) and, for example, Irshad Manji, Glenn Beck's favorite lipstick lesbian.
And the shock stories about 'honor killings' or stoning of women in some Islamic country are always popular, with the underlying message being that we have to come to the aid of these poor victims of Islam. We should make their struggle our own. The fact is, though, this is not our responsibility. We have our own people to look out for, and yet somehow it seems to be the preference of many White Americans to weep over people on the other side of the world, and the more 'other' the better.

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