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Those of you who have read this blog for a while may remember that I am a collector of old books and that occasionally I delve into these books in my blog posts. I've been rather remiss in my reading lately but I have come across some interesting things, such as The Customs of Mankind, by Lillian Eichler, published in 1924.
It's a interesting book, wherein the author describes various customs from around the world, etiquette, holiday traditions, and so on. It's also somewhat odd in that the author attempts to trace many customs or folkways back to our supposed 'caveman' origins. At that point, it's hard for me to take her seriously; her explanations seem fanciful, though she was obviously in earnest. Still it's interesting in its quaintness. I'll probably share some quotes from that book.
I've also been reading through a book called For Better Not For Worse, (1939),by Walter A. Maier, Ph.D.
Reading it makes me aware of how much of the cultural Marxist agenda was already at work back then. The book is a Christian book dealing with marriage. The last chapter deals with 'mixed marriages', which is a very relevant topic today, as today's impostor Church attempts to turn traditional attitudes on their heads in service of the 'agenda.'
Not all the books I buy or read are old books, and one of the recent newer books I read was one called 'Me and Lee' -- the 'Lee' of the title being Lee Harvey Oswald. I have to say it was a very interesting read, though hardly the conventional book in the JFK assassination genre.
If any of you have read these books, I'd like to hear your thoughts.
If anyone has other books to recommend, let's hear them.

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