News flash: our Founders were flawed
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A ''British'' ''historian'', writing in Newsweek, tells us our Founding Fathers were flawed. As if we don't hear this kind of leftist jeering every day of the week in our media. And as if we don't have homegrown leftist professors galore belittling our ancestors, we have to import the likes of Schama to do this?
He makes sure to mention the old Jefferson canard:
''He may have written the Declaration of Independence, but were he around today Thomas Jefferson wouldn�t have a prayer of winning the Republican nomination, much less the presidency. It wouldn�t be his liaison with the teenage daughter of one of his slaves nor the love children she bore him that would be the stumbling block.''
This 'historian' can't even be bothered to check out various sources, and instead smugly repeats these charges as if they are true. It's true, so they like to think, because other leftists and assorted malicious idiots with axes to grind repeat it endlessly.
Even many purported pro-Whites, WNs, and others, repeat this story as if it were proven fact. It is not.
And yes, I am not unbiased, being a Jefferson descendant. It just infuriates me that this one slander is given the status of near-gospel truth. I feel duty-bound to speak up against this thing.
But it isn't just his snide gossipy stories about Thomas Jefferson; it's the whole snarky article, from a man who is not an American, nor even our kin, sitting in judgment on us, and not even making an attempt at objectivity.
I am ready to say our Founding Fathers (including Jefferson) were flawed. Of course they were; they were human. But that does not mean that we drag their names through the mud and defame them as the inferiors of today's self-designated 'enlightened' ones.
It's more than obvious that today's politicians -- and history 'scholars' -- are pygmies compared to the generation of 1776. Look at the state of our world and our country, and compare with the Founding Fathers' era. The critics and character assassins, if they have any honesty, have to know that, even with the Founders' flaws, they were head and shoulders above these post-modern nonentities.
Schama would be equally annoying if he were sitting in London writing this stuff about us and our forefathers, but the fact that he is here as a guest in our country writing to us or about us in this fashion is especially egregious.

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