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One of the issues which I see as being a huge problem to ethnonationalists is this plague of infighting and division.
It would probably be best for my state of mind if I just left off reading comment threads on any of the blogs or forums out there. It's just disheartening. I've mentioned before that I have had to talk myself into believing that many of the divisive people who are serial commenters on the ethnopatriot blogs are provocateurs of some sort or another. Sometimes I almost think there are about 14 individuals at most who make up most of the commenters out there, so limited is the range of ideas that is discussed, and so frequently are certain memes repeated, and certain arguments and canards bandied about.
First, there's the ever-present Anglophobes, who go out of their way to inject blame for Anglo-Saxons into every discussion. At one blog one of these Anglo-haters said that the Communist agents who were named in the McCarthy era were mostly Jews -- and WASPs. As an example of 'WASPs', he named one Lauchlin Currie (good old English name, there. I mean you can't get more Scottish than Lauchlin Currie). Then he mentioned Alger Hiss, and the only 'Hiss' name-bearers I've found were German. Nice try, though.
Next up, the Christian-haters. AmRen in particular has its own resident anti-Christian who makes his home on all the comment threads. I've objected to his constant shots at Christians and most often my comments are not accepted. Yet this person has free rein to slam Christianity every day of the year. I can only conclude AmRen's moderators agree with him.
So far, we have 'ethnopatriots' or WNs taking shots at Anglo-Saxons and Christians, and that covers the majority old Americans, I think. Nice way to alienate the greatest number of White Americans.
In passing, I'll mention the doomsayers, who usually show up to make their dark pronouncements, predicting defeat and oblivion.
Then there are the libertarians, the 'every man is an island' crowd. I don't know why they are there on ethnonationalist blogs or forums; I thought libertarians scorned all 'collectivism', believing only in the Individual or the sacred Market.
Actually the libertarians are a minor annoyance. The real problem is that libertarianism in its most demotic form has just about consumed all of what was once called the 'conservative movement.' There are few 'gentleman conservatives' who care about the old order of things, of preserving what is best of our past and our heritage; there are only worshipers of the Market and the Self, and these people are most often social liberals who fully support most of the agenda of the 1960s, even while they profess to loathe 'liberals' ahd 'hippies.' And they can't even see the absurdity of that position.
Here's a puzzle. There are those who note the hand of Jews in just about every radical idea or destructive trend in our society. Sometimes Christianity is condemned by the Judeo-skeptical because they say it is a 'Jewish cult', it's an 'alien belief system' forced on us and alien to us.
But here's the paradox: the same people who say this often idolize Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises, and the rest of the gang. Anybody notice anything about the makeup of the libertarian pantheon? It looks to me as though Libertarianism truly is a 'Jewish cult' and an alien belief system.
I occasionally agree with libertarians on isolated issues, and I have quoted from some libertarian writers like Albert Jay Nock. But overall, I think libertarianism has been almost as much of a destructive force to Western Christian values and society as Marxism and all its permutations. It has promoted more social atomization and more libertinism, more contempt for our fellow man and more selfishness, more abandonment of loyalty, all things which our de-Christianized society already possesses in excess. It has sort of counterculturalized many who might otherwise be resistant to leftism in its social forms.
The dearth of loyalty towards our folk is really at the heart of this everybody-for-himself attitude which dominates our society now.
Most on our side claim to care about our folk and our survival, and our posterity, but when you come right down to it, there is a sort of every man his own king approach, wherein everyone wants to prescribe his own personal utopian vision of how things should be -- if we ever manage to recover our sovereignty and self-rule. Few seem able or willing to accept things that go against their personal, tailor-made philosophy and ideology. The unbelievers will not accept Christians or Christ in their utopia-to-be, the non-Anglo-Saxons say that 'WASPs' should be kept away from power or authority. The Yankees generally hate the Southrons. The young hate the old. Some of the young adults do not like children, and would live in a state of perpetual adolescence if they had their way.
How can all these squabbling groups and factions ever agree and come together in any kind of common allegiance? It would seem there cannot be any kind of larger nationalism (such as a generic American identity). I don't see enough affection or loyalty, or even as much as a grudging tolerance, that could keep it together. What kept us together in the past was a commonality based on blood and a common religious/cultural heritage. Now, the latter has been splintered, and our blood bonds seem weakened.
Everybody thinks that the 'other guy' has to bend and give in for the sake of agreement.
The left has succeeded in making many of us hate our American heritage, and to consider our history and our past heroes and myths as tainted and corrupt. I get the sense that only a Jacobin-like overthrow of all that the past contained will be enough for many of the younger and more indoctrinated of our people. I can imagine that the young would try to reinvent the wheel, to start with some sort of ideology to try to create a new nation from whole cloth, because they consider the existing cultural remnant to be not worth saving. And yet if a new ''nation'' was created around new belief systems and ideologies, it would be more or less a 'proposition nation', which I think most of us have agreed to be an untenable idea.
If we must overthrow any belief system, if we must pull anything up by the roots, it should instead be all the rotten fruits of the 1960s, all things that are associated with leftism and radical individualism. The tried and true is the most sensible path to take, rather than starting from the ground up and conducting some new utopian experiment and trust that it will work out. We are now living out the results of a few generations of social engineering. It's that which must be rooted out of our culture, not the millennia of custom and tradition which served us well for such a long time.
I can't help being reminded again of Jeremiah 6:16
''Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.''
All the same, I can't join the doomsayers. As long as there are a faithful few, there's hope. It's always the few, not the many, who make history. The question is, which few will it be?

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