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The post and accompanying thread about 'Opinions we loathe' is in danger of being deleted. I just don't have the time or energy to wade through the comments and determine who instigated what.
I do notice, in reviewing posts over the last several weeks just now, that at least one person has posted under seven or eight pseudonyms and a couple of IP ranges. What can I make of this? Certainly nobody is required to stick to one user-name; anonymous comments are not forbidden either, although I wonder if they ought to be. Unless someone is here to pose as several different people, sometimes trading comments with himself on a thread. why the many different names?
The problem on the Internet is that there are people who are here to stir up trouble on blogs like this one, just because we discuss non-PC ideas here, and then some people are just pot-stirrers who like to disrupt. There are people whose role is as agent provocateur on blogs like this one, and I can't know, unless I know you personally, or ''know'' you via e-mail or PM exchanges, who is who. Even then, things can be other than what they seem. By their fruits shall ye know them; if certain posters have a disruptive effect, I will take it that they are here for that purpose.
I would ask, please, that each person have a consistent identity, and not represent himself as a half-dozen different people. I do see your IP numbers, and believe it or not, I do recognize writing styles.
My idea for this blog is that it be, ideally, for relatively like-minded people. I am not here to do battle one-on-one with those on the opposing side. Neither do I want to have to defend myself against people from ''our side'' who think I am too far-right or not far-right enough.
I will use the ban button when called for. I would prefer not to. I would prefer everybody police himself and write responsibly here. There are other places where the shock talk is the norm, but not here. I trust most of my regulars to be responsible and adult. Thanks. For the most part, you are a good group of commenters.

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