America, our house divided, part II
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Back in the 90s, I spent some time living and working in New Jersey, and I have ex-employers and friends who still live there. I've been saddened to hear that New Jersey is now one of the more invaded states in the country, with a large illegal alien population as well as great numbers of legal immigrants, and sizeable Moslem colonies in Jersey City and elsewhere.
Today this news story appeared in the Newark newspaper:
Immigration protests draw 500 to Morristown
An estimated 500 people descended on Morristown this afternoon for dueling protests on illegal immigration and immigrants' rights. The crowd waved signs and at times chanted heatedly, but stopped short of causing any major disturbances.
Protesters grew more vocal as the afternoon wore on, with both sides waiting for Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello to take the stage. Police outfitted in riot gear with helmets, batons and pepper spray surrounded the stage, while a line of reinforcements arrived to barricade South Street.
Despite some heated exchanges between the groups and two arrests, the rallies were peaceful.''
Now I know Morristown fairly well; it was not far from the small town where I lived while I was in New Jersey. The town I lived in was a safe, prosperous, 'bedroom community' with many residents who commuted to New York City to work. Morristown was a short trip from where I lived, and I often went there on weekends to shop, see a movie, or go to restaurants. It was a pleasant town, not a big town, and there was not that much 'diversity' there, although I occasionally saw Hispanic people, possibly Puerto Ricans or Dominicans. Mexicans were a rare sight there at that time.
Now, however, it looks like Morristown is now 'enriched' with diversity, enough so that hundreds of illegals and their leftist accomplices rallied there today.
But the Star-Ledger's statement that the ralllies were 'peaceful' is not what I have heard; there was apparently an assault on two of the attendees who were protesting illegal immigration. The only source which seems to give an account of this violence is this one:
Conservative activists attacked at Secure Borders Rally in New Jersey
...As two of the participants were leaving, a male and female, their vehicle was attacked. The victims were pulled from their car and beaten and the vehicle was smashed and looted. Members of a violent Marxist gang, known as the ARA, had shown up at the demonstration to scream profanities and may have been involved in the attack.
This is not the first time that violent white Marxists and/or pro-illegal alien Hispanics have attacked conservatives at public demonstrations. It has primarily happened in Southern California in the past. Far left organizations, such as the SPLC, constantly say that conservative secure border activists will promote anti-immigrant violence with their "rhetoric." However, every instance of violence has been perpetrated against conservatives, not by them.''
Wonder why the mainstream media do not report incidents such as this one, in which the illegals or their leftist sycophants commit violence? You can bet that if any of the anti-illegal, pro-borders people assaulted anyone, it would be the top of the news on all the cable channels, and trumpeted in the headlines. And next would be a pious editorial lecturing about the 'growth of hate' and xenophobia, and the usual suspects at the SPLC would be quoted about the dangers of 'righwing hate.' But when the illegals and the lefties assault someone? It's seldom reported, or it's reported only by conservative sources and goes down the PC memory hole quickly.
Some people will object to the source I linked here, the Council of Conservative Citizens website. Why? Because the usual suspects on the left have called the group a 'rightwing extremist' or 'racist' group. Quite honestly whenever these self-designated PC policemen condemn groups like the Council, I take that as an endorsement of their soundness. If they have these leftwing Politically Correct groups denouncing them, they have to be telling the truth.
I invite readers to check the website's Statement of Principles; I found nothing there to disagree with.
But most of all I am disgusted that nice towns like Morristown, though thousands of miles from the Mexican border, are now 'border towns', with American citizens squaring off against each other -- over illegals. What is wrong with this picture, America? What is wrong with America and Americans when we not only fail to protect our borders, but when, even worse, we are warring against each other over the invaders? And make no mistake; that's what is happening. The invaders have us at each others' throats.
Some will think that's hyperbole on my part, but is it? So far, mostly the war is a war of words, but words often lead to actual violence. And the rhetoric has been heating up for years, with the leftists foaming at the mouth over 'hate' and 'racism'. Does it never occur to the leftists that their language and now their actions epitomize the very thing they claim to be opposing? Do they not see the hate in their own rhetoric and in their violence against fellow Americans?
The details on the assault in Morristown are not clear; it may have been illegals who did the attacking and beating; or it may have been angry young home-grown leftists, or some combination thereof. But even if it was illegals who did the actual violence, they are being given support and encouragement by American-born people. And those renegade 'Americans' should be held to account for it.
Not so very long ago I made a fairly innocuous comment to a female relative about how a certain department store was courting illegal customers by offering credit applications all in Spanish. Now if they were legal, surely they would not need Spanish applications, would they? However this relative of mine snapped at me saying ''I would rather the Mexicans than some of these sorry white people.'' And her comments were said with a lot of anger. I thought, again, what is wrong with this picture? My own blood kin is angry at me for saying something critical of illegals, and she is saying she prefers Mexicans to some Americans. How did it come to this?
Whenever Hollywood made movies about the War Between the States, the breathless narration during the trailer always said: ''Brother against brother! Families divided!" Actually I think there were few families actually divided, with one brother in blue and another in grey; maybe in the border states where sympathies were mixed; not in the South. However this incipient civil war will pit brother against brother and families will be divided; most families have some mix of those with conservative traditional values and loyalties, and those with liberal 'we are the world' multicultist delusions. And then there are the families into which immigrants will have intermarried, further clouding loyalties and increasing divisions.
This is part of the phenomenon I blogged about the other day, 'America our house divided.' When we have a good proportion of the population inculcated with the idea that all discrimination, even the most logical and sensible, is tantamount to 'hate', which merits the harshest of punishments, then our country hasn't got much of a chance to recover control and impose sensible controls on the invasion. And the fact that our fellow citizens, including sometimes even our own neighbors and relatives, think that those with traditional values are 'haters' and 'racists' means that there can be little accommodation or compromise; somebody will have to change their thinking. Either we will have to change and conform and become docile members of the multicult, or they will have to change their thinking and realize that they are the extremists and the haters. The latter does not seem especially likely.
The present situation seems untenable, especially with the continuing influx of ever more divisive immigrants who will further destabilize our society and further catalyze the disorder.
Now it's not impossible that some liberals or 'moderates' might have epiphanies, and might be awakened by the increasing chaos and disruption in our society, but there are too many who simply blame all the trouble on us, on those of us who are merely trying to preserve our country, instead of on the intrusion of the immigrants.
Even some conservatives say that they don't blame the immigrants. I can't count the number of times I've heard a 'conservative' say 'I don't blame the illegals, they're just doing whatever they have to do to survive; I would do the same in their shoes.' My response is 'Really? You would break into someone's home and steal and lie to survive?" Did people do such things en masse during the Depression, when there was real hunger and want? Even if they had, the illegals are NOT starving and their survival is not in question. If you want to talk about survival, it's we whose survival is in question; the illegals are sitting pretty. They have successfully broken into Fort Knox, otherwise known as the U.S.A., where they have the keys to the kingdom. They've got access to Uncle Sam's bank accounts, with a free ride guaranteed them and their offspring: handouts galore, free education, free health care, interpreters, citizens who lean over backwards to be 'sensitive', churches who cater to them and put them on a pedestal, politicians who pander to them shamelessly. Please don't insult my intelligence and ask me to see illegals as poor waifs who are struggling to stay alive in a hostile world. They are on Easy Street. It's increasingly we who are out in the cold, and our wishes ignored and our voices excluded.
It would be wonderful if the current madness in our country was the result of some physiological malady which could be diagnosed and cured tomorrow -- but unfortunately it seems like a sickness of the soul, a plague of self-hatred and of hatred of those like oneself.
The liberals, always great devotees of pop psychology, are always prattling about 'self-esteem' and the vital importance of 'loving oneself' as the key to all success and fulfillment. Yet they are at the same time preaching that as a nation, we have to hate ourselves and prefer all others over our own. It's just one more contradiction, one of many in the senseless liberal worldview.
Update: Here is a much more complete account of what happened at the Morristown rally, although it does not mention the assault. It does mention the disorder and the arrests, along with the names of those arrested. They are apparently all or mostly Americans, not immigrants, judging by their names.

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