Diversity conquers all
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This story out of Grand Rapids, Michigan has been provoking discussion here and there. The AmRen discussion is interesting to read, though I don't agree with some of the theories about it.
As to the 'why' of it, I think it fits a pattern, obviously. But several people at AmRen vote that 'low self-esteem' is a big factor, and they assert that the White female targets of the shooter, specifically the women who had children by the killer, were women with 'low self-esteem'. Low self-esteem of course is the diagnosis of choice by armchair psychologists when looking for causes of anything from weight problems to drug abuse to poor grades in school. It's always 'low self-esteem.' In my estimation, too high a self-esteem is the cause of a good many problems in our society.
But the idea that White women in such relationships suffer from low self-esteem seems to be a popular one. I don't agree with that assessment, just based on observation in real life. Sure, there are some women who get little attention from males of their own people but that's not the only reason why such women seek out or accept the attentions of males of other races.
And the case in question -- though I don't want to be found exploiting somebody's tragedy by using it to make a point -- I think there are other factors. The community in question is one where a lot of people of Calvinist background live; the town is the home of Calvin College. Many of the people in the area are of Dutch ancestry. Many of the churches in the Reformed category have of late become obsessed with 'diversity' and Africa and various forms of diversity-meddling and do-gooding. Though these churches and their congregants were once very socially conservative and clannish in an ethnic sense, now they have embraced 'diversity and inclusion' with a vengeance, and are full-on liberals in racial matters, as well as social issues like homosexuality.
And speaking more generally, most White women can tell you that they have been approached by black men, and that the black men, if turned down, will play the race card. ''Are you a racist? It's just because I'm black, isn't it?'' Sometimes the pity card is played, and many women out of sympathy or guilt will acquiesce to going out with the man in question.
Those of us who were brought up with the old-fashioned mores would not have fallen prey to the 'race card' or racial pity ploy. Nowadays, girls are much more likely to do so.
This of course applies to women who have already been softened up by diversity propaganda, the media, and now their multicult churches. Some Christian women, whether they admit it or not, see mixed relationships as a kind of domestic missionary work, or as a kind of 'ministry' in a secular way. Some of them honestly believe that this kind of relationship is their own contribution to 'stopping the hate' or 'bringing the races together', saving the world.
And then, with the hot trend of interracial adoptions, why go to the trouble and expense of adopting from Africa or Haiti if you can have a mixed family the 'natural' way?
Some people would protest that 'true love' crosses all barriers, and who are we to judge? But the choice to cross those lines has a ripple effect. Choosing to mate with someone of a drastically different faith, culture, or race is a choice that affects more than just two people; whole families are affected and changed by that 'individual' choice, as we've seen tragically in this story. Parents, siblings, nieces and nephews have all been victims of incidents like this in the past, as well as in this instance. None of this need have happened.
And yet the blind will go on being blind. They will make silly arguments like ''well, Whites kill their spouses and children every day'' or similarly lame responses. Or they will just say that the poor shooter had a hard life because of poverty, racism, and the legacy of slavery, so it wasn't his fault. Or: he was on some kind of medication that made him go berserk. Or 'this is just an individual case; you can't make judgements about a whole group of people.'
This blindness, of course, is aided by the media's censorship on matters like this. The AmRenners say that the newspapers are deleting comments mentioning the 'r-word' in this story, and that seems to be the direction the media are taking: block out any discussion of the r-word. Make sure only politically corrected viewpoints are heard. And so far, it's worked like a charm, but will it continue to do so?

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