Down the slippery slope to -- where?
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Several of you have mentioned the 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' repeal. I have only a few things to say about it. First, it's been in the works for a long time, and of course what Clinton began, this regime is completing.
We've seen the military come increasingly under the sway of political correctness, what with things like 'diversity' being a primary objective in the military, and women on submarines, to mention only two examples. One of the most shameful and shocking symptoms was when Casey at the memorial for the victims of the Fort Hood massacre said that a bigger tragedy (bigger than the deaths of soldiers) would be if 'diversity' was decreased as a result. That comment should have evoked way more shock and outrage than it did.
The military has been captured by the left, which is bizarre because the leftists strike an anti-military pose. But now it's ''their'' military, you see, and they will remake it in their perverse image, with 'diversity' and tolerance being the goals, not defending the United States of America and its citizens.
The co-ed military was really the thing that made this latest step inevitable. The same arguments that we might make against gays openly serving (sexual tensions, destruction of camaraderie and morale, sexual distractions, 'sensitivity' issues, etc.) were made against the proposal for a co-ed military, and were rejected.
The left always works relentlessly toward their goals by increments. Women in the military first, now gays. What will be the next target? Because trust me, there will be a next frontier; some barrier they want to demolish and some standard and tradition they just have to trash. We already have non-citizens in the military. What next?
We could trace all this back to the whole affirmative action idea, too; if we choose or prefer people based on traits like race, then next comes gender and 'sexual orientation.'
I suppose there will be quotas for recruiting each type, with 'diversity' as always being the top priority.
I would think that in any case, patriotic Americans would not want to serve in this politically correct, ideologically-driven regime. However, do we want our military to be made up of various people who see the military as a place to make some kind of 'social statement' or to carry out some ideological war against tradition? Do we want our military to be made up of people who are joining only to get free education, training, or citizenship? That's something to think about.

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