Reconstruction, Part Three?
0 comment Friday, August 1, 2014 |
On a recent McNeil-Lehrer Report, the subject of Reconstruction was brought up, in the context of the meaning of the recent elections. The video is here.
And over at the forum there has been some discussion of the issue of Reconstruction, sparked by the remarks made by Peniel Joseph. There is a 'Reconstruction References' thread here.
And because I think it's important to look back at those little-discussed events in our history, I've posted a little basic background on the subject over at the Forum, also. I hope those interested, especially those who are unfamiliar with that sad chapter in our history, will check out any information over at the Kinist forum and also at the VA Forum. Our schools do not teach the full story on that era, and the facts are hard to come by.
Our current politically correct histories will not tell the truth about some past events, so it's always best to seek out older sources.

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