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This story is enough to raise your blood pressure.
A group that preaches racial superiority and divisiveness wants to enact a stealth illegal immigration bill -- not dissimilar to chain migration. The bill will reward illegal immigration to the direct detriment of all American taxpayers and especially the elderly.
Kind of puts Judge Sotomayor's membership in La Raza in a new light, doesn't it?
Groups like La Raza encourage the Balkanization of America. They promote mutually hostile political groups that do not form a "melting pot", that do not utilize a common language, and that do not share the principles of America's founding.
Read the rest at the link. At the bottom of the post, there is a quote from a press release which supports the above story as being plausible.
I haven't spent much time blogging about immigration, legal or illegal, lately, or about amnesty. I think I said in the past that amnesty is more or less irrelevant at this point, as illegal immigration continues unabated as far as I can witness, and that since illegals enjoy a kind of de facto amnesty, why should they worry about whether or not an actual amnesty passes? And the linked blog piece indicates that such is the prevailing attitude among the illegals and their apologists. They enjoy just about every privilege that is supposedly reserved to citizens, without having the same responsibilities. Amnesty seems inconsequential to them. They are our equals and more, as far as our 'government' is concerned, so why would they want to change anything?
This idea of 'health care for all' seems designed to benefit the illegals and others who are outside the legitimate system. It will benefit very few, if any, of us.

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