Thanks to whom?
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As Thanksgiving time rolls around, we can expect the now-familiar attacks on our history and our traditions. And this story comes from (surprise, surprise!) liberal California:
I won't excerpt the article because it is an AP article, but the story has to do with a third-grade teacher, Bill Morgan, who is teaching a 'lesson' on Thanksgiving in which he, dressed in a 'Pilgrim hat' made of construction paper, comes in and snatches his little pupils' belongings, saying that he is 'discovering' their stuff. A rather ham-handed attempt at teaching the kids about the supposed avarice and greed of the evil, pillaging Pilgrims, I suppose. But no one ever accused liberal/leftists of subtlety or delicacy.
Much of the article is the usual dismal complaining about insensitivity; we all know the drill.
If things continue along our present track, with each segment of society presenting their grievances and demands, the traditional holiday of Thanksgiving will be whittled down to nothing; it will be some kind of neutral, neutered observance in which only the most saccharine Political Correctness, with the wise, noble, generous Indians paternalistically helping the inept Pilgrims, will be allowed to be depicted.
More and more, even the most important aspect of Thanksgiving, the setting aside of a day to give thanks to the Almighty, will be bowdlerized. It might offend the Moslems, the Hindus, the Sikhs, the Zoroastrians, the Wiccans, the Shintoists, and the Bokononists.
One way this offensive aspect of Thanksgiving is dealt with is, increasingly, to have the Pilgrims giving thanks not to God, but to the noble Indians, for giving them handouts so they could survive.
And here, in this article from the Rocky Mountain News, this article tells us that today's immigrants and refugees are just like our Pilgrim forefathers:
They fled persecution, they came across the ocean, they are refugees, and they shared a Thanksgiving meal with members of their host nation, just as the Pilgrims did with the Indians.''
Wow; imagine that. Today's economic migrants and refugees are just like the Pilgrims. Yes, I know some will say that this is just a nice heart-warming article, and that I am being a curmudgeon, but there is little parallel between the hardy English settlers who came to a wilderness, landing in what is now Massachusetts during the bleak late autumn/early winter. Knowing that they were strictly on their own, thousands of miles from all they knew and held dear, they were NOT taken care of by a paternalistic government, as today's immigrants are; they were not supported by refugee programs, given food, housing, and access to social services the minute they land on these shores.Our Pilgrim forefathers had a long, difficult, arduous ocean voyage with few comforts; they did not have a nice airplane flight that deposited them on these shores within hours. They did not get food stamps, EBT cards, and refugee payments on arrival. Contrary to today's propaganda, the Pilgrims were not helpless as babes when they landed here, dependent on the benevolent Indians. They were not coddled by the Indians as today's immigrants and refugees are coddled and fussed over. They had to build this country from the ground up, and they did so, at great cost in terms of work and toil and human suffering.
To liken today's economic migrants to the Pilgrims, who came here for spiritual freedom, is to diminish what they accomplished.
I truly abhor the way that every traditional American holiday like this is now used by our Marxist media as a pretext for more multicultural, 'I'd like to teach the world to sing' propaganda. Please, can't we just observe our time-honored holidays as we've always done without all the politicizing and propagandizing?
Way to go, liberals and multiculturists. I give this to them: they never rest. They toil away 24/7 to undermine our traditions and our history.