Thoughts about the 'replacement' agenda
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There is an interesting piece from Occidental Observer, titled 'British Genetics, 101.' Now, I'm aware that not everyone here is very interested in the genetics of Britain, but in the comments 'ethnonationalist' states that the effort to replace the British population with an amalgamation from many countries is not directed at 'the White race' per se.
He says
What is going on in Britain is genocide against the native English population.
If it were a "White genocide", than Poles, Bulgarians, Irish, Lithuanians, etc. would not be permitted to immigrate to England.''
I've wondered about the rationale behind the importation of many White immigrants to not only the UK but also Ireland. If it is indeed all about an anti-White agenda, then why would this policy be pursued? On the face of it, it does seem as though the effort is to introduce many disparate genetic strains into the UK, and it does seem as though the immigrants are mostly from the Third World. But where do the Eastern Europeans fit into this agenda?
I know that the official story is that they are 'guest workers' who will go home once they earn some money. And apparently quite a few do return home but a great many stay. And regardless of whether they are of the same race as the natives of the British Isles, they are a different people with a different religion and culture. English (or Irish or Scots or Welsh) are not interchangeable with Poles or Lithuanians.
it does seem that ethnonationalist is right on this score. And it does seem that the English, the ethnic English, are the target because the other groups in the UK are encouraged in their nationalistic aspirations, while the English are not even treated as a legitimate ethnic group. One can be 'British' because it is an inclusive identity; immigrants can get a British passport or citizenship and call themselves 'British' while being Pakistani or African or Caribbean. But no one can be English except by blood, so it is a 'discriminatory' identity, too exclusive for the multicultists. In a way it's analogous to the way the label 'American' can be promiscuously applied to people from everywhere, and is therefore rendered meaningless.
And as to the main subject of the article by Dodgson, it does provide some interesting information about the genetic makeup of Britain, and it somewhat questions the prevailing myths about Celtic vs. Germanic origins.
In any case, the race-replacers efforts to gaslight people into believing 'Britain has always been multiracial' are based on lies, obviously.

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