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As this Memorial Day closes, as we commemorate our fallen soldiers, it's fitting to reflect on the state of our Republic. And in so doing, it's hard not to question whether we are still the great and free country that generations of our forefathers fought to establish and defend, and for which many of them gave their lives.
As I write this, it seems to me that our country is in dire peril. Our traditions, our way of life, which are uniquely American, are now being undermined and eroded. Our sovereignty is under attack. I could go on enumerating the challenges we are up against, but we know them all too well, those of us who care deeply about our country and our people.
But the biggest danger sign to me is that we seem to have lost our representative form of government. It appears as though 'we, the people' are no longer the repositories of power in our country. 'Our' leaders apparently no longer answer to us; they seem not only to be operating outside the will of the American people, but in open and brazen defiance of the will of the people.
There is no better evidence of this than the current borders crisis, in which 'our' leaders defiantly refuse to control our borders and enforce the laws of the land. The fact that they have forced this 'amnesty' atrocity on us, and our seeming helplessness in trying to stop the open borders juggernaut, suggests that our elected officials have gone rogue. We no longer seem to have representation, except for a few isolated voices in Congress. And one wonders if even these voices in the wilderness will eventually 'compromise' away what is left of our sovereignty. There is less faith in our system and our 'leadership' than at any time in my memory.
Since we, the people, seem no longer relevant to our electeds, who exactly are they beholden to? Whose bidding are they doing, since they are obviously not doing ours? There are many possible answers to that question. Without wandering into 'tinfoil hat' territory and indulging in conspiracy-theory-mongering, it's hard to explain the behavior of our electeds.
The great Thomas Jefferson said, in 1787, 'The people are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.'
It is so important to remember this; we can't expect the government to solve the problem when it seems that our leaders are compromised, and they are part of the problem.
But if Jefferson was right (and he usually was), then it's up to us, you and me, America.
And the good news is that more and more of us are awakening to the crisis the Republic is facing. The bad news, however, is that many of our people are so afflicted by this dread disease called 'Political Correctness' that they are debilitated and rendered helpless by it.
Unfortunately these are the very people who are the only real hope for America.
Read any commentary by a patriotic American: most of them are sounding the alarm about the borders and sovereignty crisis, but they are hindered by their obvious compulsion to heed the rules of Political Correct discourse, and they render their words useless by injecting all kinds of PC disclaimers, protestations about their motives. An example is the popular requirement that the commentator say 'I'm all in favor of any and all legal immigration' or 'I'm no racist; Mexicans are hard-working, good-hearted people' and so on. The air of defensiveness is palpable. The same mealy-mouthed discourse is heard on TV discussions, even on such hard-line shows such as Lou Dobbs. Someone, usually the conservative present, will mouth these formulas, as a kind of incantation to ward off the accusations of 'xenophobia' or 'racism'.
Visit any message board or forum where illegal immigration is discussed: you will find a lot of tough-talking people saying the same apologetic statements, which nullify all their bluster and tough talk. Everyone, even the 'hard-line' conservatives and patriots, seems hypnotized by the PC spell. Everyone is intimidated, and afraid to utter the wrong words.
On some patriotic forums, even slang words like 'wetback' (which hardly seems to me worthy of such censure) are forbidden, and their use will cause great consternation and probable banning of the offender. On such forums there are people who claim to be of Hispanic ancestry who will race-bait anyone who veers too close to the line, as in criticizing legal immigration (only illegal immigration may be criticized, because someone somewhere has decreed that to criticize legal immigration is prima facie proof of 'racism'). Criticizing Mexican culture or behavior is also proof of 'racism' according to the rule-makers. In essence, these 'conservatives' who participate are being compelled to accept one of the main premises of multiculturalism: the idea that all cultures are equal, and that to prefer one's own culture is 'racist'. Also implicit is the leftist idea that all peoples are interchangeable, and that it doesn't matter who immigrates to a given country; all peoples are the same, with the same potential for compatibility with other peoples. Of course this all flies in the face of common sense, and real life experience, and even more, it is at odds with what our Founding Fathers believed and stated when they founded this country.
It's creepily similar, this constricting of our discourse, this enforcing of arbitrary limits, to the system that prevailed in the old Communist countries, where people denounced neighbors, co-workers, even family members for deviating from the accepted party line. Offenders were publicly castigated, and at worst, packed off to a re-education camp. So far, we don't have 're-education camps' but we do have mandatory 'sensitivity training' and 'diversity education.' It's all the same, and it's all wrong. Yet most of us meekly acquiesce to this curtailing of our freedom of thought and speech.
As long as we do so, what hope is there that we can defend our country, if we are afraid to offend with mere words? We are in essence putting manacles on ourselves, and leaving ourselves vulnerable. We would sooner give up our country and our way of life, it seems, than be called 'xenophobic' or 'racist' or 'nativist' or whatever other schoolyard taunts resorted to by our intellectually-impoverished enemies. If we perish as a country, and become just a province of Mexico -- or perhaps a part of some soulless 'North American Community' we will have allowed it because we have become a timid, PC-whipped people.
The late, great Balint Vazsonyi, who was a writer and concert pianist who immigrated from Communist Hungary many years ago, wrote in 'America's Thirty Years' War' about the encroachment of Cultural Marxism, or Political Correctness, and about how this was weakening America. He warned against this creeping leftism and its crippling effects. But did anyone take his warnings to heart? He knew totalitarianism when he saw it, coming from a Communist regime. And he valued American freedoms, having known their lack in his country of birth. He knew what he was talking about, and I hope Americans will wake up from the PC trance and stand up for our freedoms and our sovereignty, before it is too late.
To do less is to dishonor the brave soldiers we are remembering on Memorial Day.

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