Border agents, continued...
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As I posted the link to Sara Carter's article (below) on the Border Patrol agents, I expressed doubts whether the story would have legs. Predictably, it's been linked to in very few blogs, a couple of exceptions being the Stein Report and Lonewacko, but it has not gone anywhere.
But here is an op-ed from the same paper, the Inland Daily Bulletin, titled 'Border Patrol on alert for sneaky U.S. politicians.
Strangely, the MSM including the TV news channels, seem to think lots of things are much more important, things like celebrity stories, or partisan squabbling and bickering, and the petty battles our politicians engage in to keep us distracted, or to keep us fired up for the Party, or to divide us and turn us against each other. It seems to be working very well; many Americans see the enemy as primarily other Americans, while our country is disappearing under our noses.
Ultimately it's up to us; the media and our political classes have decided to go over our heads, ignoring the will of the people they supposedly serve, and to go whoring after ethnic votes, or a new constituency which will be willing slaves, or big money interests. All of the above matter more, seemingly, than 'we, the people.'
In taking this attitude, the media and the politicians are making themselves ever more irrelevant.