Political correctness is against reason
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Over at The Hesperado, blogger Erich has a post entitled The Anti-Western Westerner. It's a good piece, dealing with the relationship between Islam and the 'anti-Western Westerner', and how, through their symbiotic interaction, they pose a formidable threat to Western civilization.
I like the term 'Anti-Western Westerner.' It seems to describe the type which is sometimes called 'self-hating', and yet at times I wonder if that latter term is even an accurate one, given that I think that really, these 'self-hating' types don't so much hate themselves (because they believe firmly in their own virtue and exceptional status) as they hate others of their own race/nationality.
The usual anti-Western Westerner, in my experience, believes the worst of his fellow Westerners, at least those who have not shown their superior virtue by adopting the anti-Western attitude. But he believes the best of himself and his anti-Western peers and comrades. And he foolishly believes that his anti-Western bonafides will insulate him from animosity from those outsiders he identifies with. In this case, those he identifies with are Mohammedans, and/or all nonwhite, non-Christian peoples the world over, and that pretty much takes in the entire non-Western world.
Erich describes how Islam particularly appeals to the anti-Western Westerner, or to the PC-MC type (which I understand to be the PC multiculturalists, whose ranks include not just the usual leftist/liberal suspects, but the PC 'conservatives' who are usually counterjihadists unable to shed the PC blinders they have so carefully donned.
Will the 21st century unfold into the kinds of megalomaniac disturbances and violence the 20th century saw with Communism and Nazism�this time with increasing numbers of Westerners sympathetic to, and even joining sides with, the anti-Western animus inherent to the ideology of Islam?
If sufficient numbers of anti-Western Westerners come to find a release from their psychic pressure of self-hatred, such that they can transform their scream, of being trapped in a Western Cosmos with no escape, into the cry of joy of having found another reality, another world, a family, a home beyond the West, in Islam�indeed, another Cosmos�then our century will have moved closer to another world war. For, that other Cosmos cannot simply be escaped to: it requires allegiance to a military supremacism dedicated to fighting, and conquering, the rest of the world. The Islamic Cosmos must destroy the Western Cosmos: that is the ultimate goal of this new trans-national family which the disaffected, diseased Westerners would join when they decide to become a Muslim.
And if, beside their numbers, many more Westerners persist in maintaining the incoherently irresponsible position of being "patriotically" critical of the West while consistently sugarcoating the menace of Islam through the milder anti-Westernism of PC MC, they will end up enabling their more radical, treasonous brethren�and with this augmentation, the horrible unfolding of yet another world war will be all the more likely.''
Please read the rest at the link above.
I think Erich sums it up quite well.
I would only add that one ingredient which seems to me to be vital in this mixture, especially where the PC MC types are concerned, is the ingredient called ''moderate Muslims", those fabled creatures who are always being sought out as proof that ''not all Muslims are bad.'' It is vitally important for the PC MC types, who probably live in fear that they really are "racists'' or "Islamophobics" at heart, to have some living evidence that they really don't hate all Moslems. So they search out the apostate Moslems or even just those who appear to be critical of their religion and culture, and put these people up on pedestals, holding them up as proof that we CAN coexist with Islam, and that Moslems CAN be reasoned with, and they CAN reform their religion, which just needs a little updating and 'modernizing' in order to fit in with our Western culture.
Without the ingredient of the 'moderate Muslim', who may actually be practicing taqiyya, even some 'conservatives' are willingly complicit in leading the West towards an ever-more accepting attitude toward Islam. The PC MC types are especially prone to this kind of seduction by Islam, maybe even more so than the leftists, who may in fact, consciously or subconsciously, desire Islamic aggression towards the West as a kind of surrogate for their own aggression. The leftists may know that "moderate Muslims" may be wolves in sheep's clothing and they welcome them nonetheless precisely because they want to see their native Western society pulled down.
One little postscript here: we've just passed the two-year anniversary of the death of Oriana Fallaci, who was one of the lone un-PC voices in the wilderness, warning us about Islam. I should have noted her death yesterday, but since I didn't, I note it today, and I think in her memory we have to remain vigilant about the threat of Islam to the West. Though we have many foes, including homegrown traitors to watch out for these days, we must not let our guard down with Islam.
Refusing to admit that all Islam is a pond inside which we are all drowning, in fact, is against Reason. Not defending our territory, our homes, our children, our dignity, our essence, is against Reason. Accepting the silly or cynical lies which are dispensed to us like arsenic inside the soup is against Reason." - Oriana Fallaci

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