Are we ready to be 'edified'?
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I can't fault much of what Jared Taylor says in this piece on Why Obama Will Win. I suppose my problem with the piece has to do with his conclusions. Overall, I get the impression that Mr. Taylor believes that an Obama presidency will, at worst, be ineffectual and bumbling, that it will be a failure in the sense of not being able to deliver on promises made.
If only I thought that. If the worst we had to deal with was just another ineffective presidency, it would not be so bad.
The concluding sentence of the piece is the following:
''It will be an edifying presidency; and whites may be a little less deluded in 2012.''
Now, maybe there's some meaning of the adjective 'edifying' which eludes me; my Webster's Dictionary gives this secondary meaning of the verb to edify:
'2. To instruct and improve, esp. by good example; to profit morally or spiritually.'
For the life of me, I cannot see how we might even be instructed, much less 'improved' by an Obama presidency, and I am really at a loss as to imagine how we might profit morally or spiritually by it.
It does seem as though Mr. Taylor is joining the 'worse is better' group, although he stops short of recommending that his readers vote for Obama as a number of people on the right have done.
I gather that he sees the election of Obama as a certainty, and most of the time, I see it the same way.
However the election is still a few months away. Things could change in that period of time. It ain't over till it's over. Unless, of course, the whole process is rigged, which is entirely possible. At no time in my life have I ever had less confidence or trust in the system.
The discussion that follows is a lengthy and interesting one. I expect many of you have already read it. If not, click on the link and read it. There are a few useless comments but many good ones.
The following comment seems to be along the lines of what I have been thinking since the Obama speech in Berlin:
I met a woman with high political connections in this country. She stated flatly that they want Obama as a President because then nobody in the world would criticize us because we would have collectively put on his racial armor. And our countries actions would not be called out because that country or person would then be guilty of racism.
So they apparently think they will be needing this heavy armor for what they have in mind next. This reasoning frightened me�''
It makes sense, in a crazy way. I can imagine our elite masters thinking this way. Judging by the insane policies they are forcing on us, it make a perverse kind of sense.
I don't doubt that all the decades of conditioning of the American masses are meant to bring us to the day when we are willing to submit to being led by minorities, because this is the only way the global agenda can be implemented. And if this one-world agenda is to succeed, we can't have a White male at the helm nor a White dominant majority in this country. We have to be humbled and brought down, leveled with the rest of the world, apparently.
Not so many years ago, I would have scoffed at this idea, but things have become so crazy in this world that few bizarre explanations seem implausible when trying to understand it.
If an Obama presidency would be a mostly failed endeavor, we'd have little to be concerned about, but I am not convinced of that. I don't think, as I once naively thought, that the President is really 'the most powerful man in the world.' But he does have the most powerful men in the world behind him, or he would not become President.

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