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It's pretty hard to keep on keeping on when there is so much of this kind of rhetoric (please read the many comments) out there. Can this (our) people be saved from oblivion?
Many of the people in the discussion profess Christianity. Apparently they never read the part of the Bible which says 'a house divided against itself cannot stand.'
One example of the rhetoric about Baby Boomers:
"I say we Logan's Run them. Stick a disc in their hand, and when the retirement money runs out, it turns black."
Kill them ,and then what?
Turn them into food, as in "Soylent Green'?
Sorta of Un-Christain, [sic] is it not?Actually, suffering from the results of your choices is quite a Christian concept. While I may not advocate "Logan's running" them, I can certainly understand how younger generations might view disposing of the Baby Boomers as an act of self-defense. The Boomers screwed over their own children and grandchildren to live as they pleased. They are despicable. If anything, allowing them to participate in society until their disk turns black rewards those who were sensible while limiting the damage done by the majority.''
I don't suppose there is any point whatsoever in laying out my arguments for how all this decay started out decades before the Boomers (born from 1945 onward) were born. I've tried, and to no avail.
I throw out this challenge: what have the succeeding generations done, beside blame everybody else (a very childish trait, by the way). What have they done to right things?
At least I can say I did not vote for this present regime, unlike most 'millennials' and others.
But it's getting very hard to convince myself that our people are worth saving.
Can anybody make a case that they are? I need to hear it just about now.

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