The discredited media and their fruits
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The CofCC blog notes the media blackout (ironic phrase!) on the recent series of attacks on White people by blacks in various parts of our country. In fact, one of the most recent incidents, which took place in Peoria, Illinois, was not even mentioned in the media until Drudge posted it among his headlines.
It's staggering to realize that our so-called 'news' media are brazen enough to try to sweep these things under the rug altogether, or to acknowledge them while studiously avoiding any mention of the attacking mobs' race.
How can the 'news' media maintain even a shred of credibility these days? To say they are derelict in their duty to inform the public is nowhere near enough. In fact, I say they have a lot to answer for in that they are stoking the fires of racial animosity on the part of minorities. It's more startlingly obvious now than ever before that the 'media' play the part of malicious talebearers, with their incessant harping about 'White racism' and 'White privilege'. They endlessly rehash their version of history, in which long-suffering minorities have been wronged by Whitey. Slavery! Jim Crow! Genocide of the 'Native Americans'! Theft of the Mexicans' territory! Institutional racism! Xenophobia!
Is it any wonder that acts of violence against Whites have become increasingly common and brutal? Witness the brutality of the attack on young Carter Strange.
Note that an anti-lynch law is being used to prosecute the attackers of Carter Strange. Ironic, is it not? But it's also justice. The charge of 'racist lynchings' is one that is used to accuse Whites as a people, but as I occasionally mention, it is not often realized that people of every race were lynched in the old days. White men as well as minorities were lynched.
The media stoke the fires of resentment and anger by their constant accusations and slanders. If some malevolent person constantly goaded everyone into hating a particular individual, until that individual was viciously assaulted, we would rightly point out the malicious talebearer who stirred up anger and hatred. In this case, the talebearer is the many people who make up the 'news' media. In reality they are not deliverers of the news; they are propaganda purveyors at best, and libelous, lying instigators at worst. In some cases, their malice is of a passive kind: concealing facts which might reflect unfavorably on their agenda, even concealing these things at the expense of people's lives.
The media have much to answer for, but who will even confront them and denounce them for what they are? Critics will always be dismissed as 'haters' and 'extremists' or 'crackpots.'
I will share with my readers the fact that when I pray for this country, and my folk, I pray most of all that the scales will fall from people's eyes, and that they will see the truth. I've prayed that the truth will soon become so obvious that even the most willfully blind can see it, and that they will stop denying the truth revealed by their now-opened eyes. I pray that regularly, and maybe that, in fact, is what's happening now, with these mounting incidences of racially-based violence.

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