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Just to let everyone know, I seem to have beeen hit hard by some kind of respiratory bug. So if I am missing in action tomorrow it will likely be because of that.
I hope you all will excuse any incoherency in my previous post; my brain seems not to be functioning at optimum tonight.
And I'll leave you with a link to a great blog post by Irish Tory, (H/T Flanders Fields) which paints a rather stark picture of our predicament in the West but which at the same time is eloquent and inspiring. I hope you find some inspiration in his words of exhortation. We all need it at this point, I think.
This hope is not in politics, it is not in arguing with our enemies, it is not in letter writing or pointless protests, it is not in powerless 'constitutional monarchies', it is in our souls, in our spirits, our peoples, the men of the west.
Read the rest at the link.

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