'Make our enemies ridiculous...'
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I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it.''
It seems that God has made Congressman Virgil Goode's enemies -- our common enemies -- ridiculous:
Islamic Group Has Mastered Victimization Game, Critic Says
Randy Hall, CNSNews.com
The Republican lawmaker who sparked a storm with comments about Muslims and the need to tighten immigration laws is the latest target of an Islamic advocacy group's "victimization game," a political analyst said Thursday.
It's a game that the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), has "mastered," Daniel Pipes, a critic of the group and director of the Middle East Forum, told Cybercast News Service.
CAIR is calling on Rep. Virgil Goode (R-Va.) to apologize for writing in a letter to constituents that says, "we will have many more Muslims in the United States if we do not adopt" strict immigration policies.
Pipes said CAIR was "perpetually on the prowl for any incidence of anti-Muslim sentiment, real or imaginary, spontaneous or provoked, major or minor."
The organization's goal, he said, was "to make the United States like so many other countries - a place where Muslims, Islam and Islamism cannot be freely discussed."
"It is imperative for Americans to retain their freedom of speech about Islam -- as it exists in relation to other religions -- and resist these many demands for remorse."
CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper said Thursday the organization had "a long history of disagreement" with Pipes.'
Who could wish for a more ridiculous enemy than Doug 'Ibrahim' Hooper, and his merry band at CAIR?
But it gets more infuriating when we read that Congressman Goode is being threatened:
Goode won't retract letter critical of Ellison
Per this Associated Press article, which I cannot excerpt, Goode has been receiving some sort of threats. When asked if he had received death threats, he simply said 'no comment.'
The CAIR gang seem to include many home-grown Moslems, like Doug Hooper (aka 'Ibrahim') and Corey Saylor, who is quoted in some of the news stories. And of course, the catalyst for all this controversy, Congressman-elect Keith Ellison, is American-born, not an immigrant.
Virgil Goode is also being pilloried for his 'controversial' statement on immigration. He simply said that we need to limit immigration from Moslem countries in order to forestall the demographic aggression of Moslem immigration. Why should such a viewpoint be regarded as 'controversial', much less 'hateful'? It is the default American position, prior to 1965. Suddenly the traditional American norm is being all but criminalized, and if the CAIR thugs have their way, Goode and anyone who agrees with him will be subject to hate crime charges.
Immigration is a big part of the Islamic menace; were we not allowing mass immigration from many incompatible countries, we would not have our current situation, wherein traditional American views are being marginalized, proscribed, and condemned. Old-stock Americans are now perpetually on the defensive, and far too many of us have succumbed to the brainwashing, and have become apologetic and self-abasing, even identifying with our enemies rather than our own. How can this be a good thing in any country or culture?
As I check out the blogosphere's reaction to this story, I come across so many leftist blogs, condemning Congressman Goode and all others who think as he does. Friends, we have many home-grown 'Americans' who see us, traditional Americans, as much more the enemy than Islam, or any foreign group of people. Such is the power of leftist/liberal indoctrination. Sad to say, I truly believe that many of these people, if push came to shove, would gladly take up arms against their own fellow citizens. They would side with any enemy over us.
This is yet another deleterious side-effect of the balkanizing of our society, and the leftist manipulation of Americans, fomenting hatreds and divisions. Multiculturalism, along with mass immigration, divides us by the introduction of many disparate and often hostile groups, and secondary to that, it divides native-born Americans, old-stock Americans, against each other, as the liberals among us fiercely champion the interlopers.
What can be more perverse and unnatural than for people to side with strangers over their own?
Sadly there are many people in America now who would disagree angrily, people who think that they owe no allegiance or loyalty to their fellow Americans. By and large, these are leftist or liberal Americans, holding an elitist and morally superior attitude, who look down on other Americans as 'bigots' and 'rednecks' .
There are even self-described, professing 'Christians' who will angrily side with Moslems, as witness this blogger's comments (Warning: the 'F-bomb' is dropped in the linked blog post).
Wow. Imagine being so rabidly angry at Goode and one's fellow Americans, on behalf of Moslems.
This is proof that being a 'Christian' does not make one conservative or patriotic; for some people, their politics trump religious faith.
And here is another leftist, frothing about Goode.
Notice that it's conservatives who are the threat to America, not Moslems.
Divide and conquer: it's an age-old tactic, going back at least to the Romans. But it's being used to great advantage by the Left, and in turn, exploited by the Moslems, and in fact, by the Mexican invaders as well. They have shrewdly figured out that Americans are divided (thanks to decades of liberalism/leftism), with some addle-brained, self-hating Americans so full of vitriol against their own that they will betray their countrymen without a second thought. So both the Moslems and the Mexicans are playing us against each other: appealing to the leftists and liberals of all political parties, appealing to sentimentality and the victim culture, in order to pit us against each other. And it's working, to a distressing degree.
It's easy to laugh at the ridiculousness of the CAIR agitators and their liberal enablers, and the leftist bloggers with their disjointed, illogical rants, but the stakes are too high for us to laugh this off, and to trust that it will all just work out in the end.
There is a certain type of 'conservative', usually of the Ben Wattenberg or Sean Hannity type who breezily insist that 'liberalism is on the ropes; conservatism is winning'. I don't honestly know how it is possible to wake people like that up. They live in a dream world, just as much as the leftist utopians do; somehow, they believe that time is on our side, and that eventually everybody will see that liberalism is a failure, and we'll all live happily ever after in an all-Republican utopia. The same people, of course, are absolutely sanguine about mass immigration, insisting (in defiance of all the evidence) that Mexicans are natural conservatives, and will vote Republican, and that Moslems, too, are basically conservative. So just give them time: they will soon be as American as apple pie, and we will live in a Rainbow Republican America.
I am at a loss as to how to reach people like that; they are liberals at heart, despite their Republican loyalties, because they believe in utopian ideas, not grounded in any recognizable reality. You can show them evidence of all kinds; you can argue brilliantly and logically, until the cows come home. It doesn't matter. They know what they know what they know: 'We won the cold war; the left lost; conservatism is winning, America has always assimilated immigrants', and so on. Impervious to reality. Absolutely reality-proof.
They are simply the mirror-image of the left-liberals: the lefties, however, see America as the embodiment of all evil, deserving of destruction and defeat. Conflicting evidence is ignored, denied, dismissed, and sneered at. Reality does not intrude into their world. They want to believe the worst of America and Americans, and so they choose to disregard everything that does not fit their ideology. They are just as reality-immunized as the 'right-liberal' pollyannas.
On the one hand, the Moslems are aided by the left-liberals, who love anyone who hates America, and will join them in their dismantling of it. So they cheer mass immigration, multiculturalism, and 'diversity.' On the other hand, the Moslems are aided by the right-liberals, who are guided by their own pet myths and ideologies, about the Great American Assimilation Machine, which will make the enemies of America into good Republican voters in a generation or so.
And there is the small segment of sane Americans, who still hold to the traditional beliefs of our forefathers. Some Americans have not 'bowed the knee to Ba'al', the idol of multiculturalism and diversity and post-modernism. It's up to those few, who are willing to seek out the old paths and walk therein, to find the way back.
Virgil Goode, I hope, is one such American; let's hope and pray that he holds fast, and stands his ground, as I said the other day. We need leaders like him and the handful of others who are loyal to the real America, the traditional America.
And lest we get discouraged (as I am inclined to do at times) it's good to remember that in every generation, in every age, the majority do not make history. It is always only a few, a highly motivated and determined few, who make history, while the rest either follow, or stand by and watch.
As Samuel Adams once said, 'It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.'
And those of us who want to save America are motivated by something much better than the malice, spite, envy, and bitterness which seems to animate the Left and their Moslem co-conspirators.