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Karl Denninger explains, from a technical angle, his assessment of the BC.
On the blogs, it seems few in our sphere are even discussing this, with the exception of Nathanael Strickland at Faith and Heritage, and Old Atlantic on his blog.
Any opinions or thoughts about this story? Or is it just we few who are interested in it?
Free Republic is buzzing with discussion of this, with FReepers arrayed against one another, so-called 'birthers' vs. what I call 'faithers' -- those who are willing to take on faith anything given to us by the media and those in authority.
It seems the faithers are furious the 'birthers' are not going to accept things at face value.
By my computer I have a sign, quoting I Thessalonians, 5:21 -- "Prove all things...."
I find it a good rule to live by. I plan to continue doing so.

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