Memorial Day, without politics
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I thought twice about posting anything related to Memorial Day, given that last year, my simple little Memorial Day picture and quote drew a rather angry comment from someone who objected to it on the basis of perceived jingoism or pro-militarism, from what I gathered.
So now it seems Memorial Day is controversial for both liberals and paleocons, based on objections to the Iraq War. Thus it seems as if the day is becoming more and more ignored, which I think is rather sad. After all, we all have kin who have died in various wars, and family members who have served in the military or are serving currently.
Can we not honor their memories without controversy over the war, or over the current government, with which many of us are disillusioned? Surely it should be possible to maintain this day of remembrance without politicizing it.
America, as I've said often, is really the people, not a government, or an idea, or a proposition. Let's remember the people in whose memory this day is set aside.

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