The 'religion of peace' (almost) strikes again
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...backlash feared by Muslim community.''
The 'backlash fear' stories will come next; trust me.
I thought things had been a little too quiet lately on the terror front.
By now we have all heard about the latest thwarted bomb plot in London. I noticed that on this afternoon's reports on the cable news channels, they were carefully avoiding any mention of Moslems and the Religion of Peace.
Police avert car bomb carnage
...Scotland Yard, Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur urged people to be "alert and vigilant" and to
report any suspicions to the police.
Disruption would be kept to a minimum, he said, although the police were reviewing the safety of a number of big public events set to take place in the capital over the weekend.
"I want to reassure Londoners that we are doing everything possible to make them safe," he added.''
Tariq Ghaffur? So now the Scotland Yard assistant commissioner is himself a Moslem?
Meanwhile, in our country, the President spoke at a rededication ceremony at the Islamic Center of Washington, which was celebrating its 50th anniversary. In his remarks, he included the usual twaddle about militants not representing true Islam.
In this account of the event, we learn that Bush will appoint a special envoy to the Moslem world:
President George W. Bush announced Wednesday he will establish an envoy to a coalition of Muslim countries, with hopes of bolstering ties to the Islamic world and improving the image of the United States.
"Our special envoy will listen to and learn from representatives from Muslim states, and will share with them America's views and values," Bush said in a ceremony honoring the 50th anniversary of the Islamic Center, a mosque and cultural center in Washington.
"This is an opportunity for Americans to demonstrate to Muslim communities our interest in respectful dialogue and continued friendship," Bush said.
Those attending Wednesday's ceremony, including Bush, took off their shoes as they entered. Bush listened as a verse from the Quran was read.
"We live in a time when there are questions about America and her intentions. For those who seek a true understanding of our country, they need to look no farther than here," Bush said.
"This Muslim center sits quietly down the road from a synagogue, a Lutheran church, a Catholic parish, a Greek Orthodox chapel, a Buddhist temple - each with faithful followers who practice their deeply held beliefs and live side by side in peace," he said.
Bush singled out Iran and Syria and accused them of religious and political repression.
"Millions seek a path to the future where they can say what they think, travel where they wish and worship as they choose," he said. "They plead in silence for their liberty and they hope someone, somewhere will answer.
"So today in this place of free worship, in a heart of a free nation, we say to those who yearn for freedom from Damascus to Tehran: you are not bound forever by your misery. Plead in silence no longer. The free world hears you. You're not alone. America offers you its hand in friendship. We work for the day when we can welcome you into the family of free nations."
This story is yet one more bit of evidence that the President is not the fundamentalist 'right-wing Christian' he is represented as; his actions (such as observing Moslem rituals such as taking off his shoes and listening to the Koran reading) would not be acceptable to a Bible-believing Christian. And no, being 'president of all the people' does not mean taking part in Mohammedan rituals and ceremonials. If it does, then no believing Christian can be President.
But the most troubling thing to me is not the President's fellowshipping with those of a false religion, and a religion which teaches violence and world domination, but his willful attempt to disarm us as a nation. And yes, despite our use of military force to bring 'liberty' to Iraq, we are disarmed in that we are compelled by our diversity-crazed elites to live side-by-side with hostile peoples, and we are conditioned to believe that it's only a small minority who pose a threat.
Fostering that kind of detachment from reality amounts to disarming us.
The President speaks in saccharine, smarmy platitudes about all faiths, Christian, Buddhist, Moslem, living 'side by side in peace', but if you want to see the reality of this forced coziness among disparate peoples and 'belief systems', take a look at what is happening in London. That is the reality; not the kumbaya liberal nonsense the President is peddling. And as long as we are forced to accept a murderous cult into our midst, there will be the hard reality of terror plots and bombs. And next time, the attacks may be carried out, and not fortuitously thwarted beforehand. Our luck cannot hold out forever, not as long as we keep on rolling the dice and living dangerously with diversity.

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