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The late Dennis Wheeler, who wrote brilliantly in defense of the South, wrote the following in refutation of the Kennedy brothers' book called The South Was Right. These words seem pertinent not only to defenders of the South but to all who are tempted to compromise with political correctness and egalitarianism when defending our heritage. It can't be done, as Wheeler shows:
I have never, to my knowledge, made a statement that is not in line with the position of the Old South. The truth is that many in the Southern movement today despise the superior/inferior social order of the Old South. They really do believe the Yankee Abolitionist position of equality was morally right. And so arises the need for the plausible lie. This enables them to stand for Yankee moral principles but attribute them to the South while attributing "racial hatred" to the Yankees.
Many other examples could be given; I´┐Żll let these be sufficient. This idea that segregation and white social and political supremacy is a Yankee idea and not a Southern idea permeates the Southern movement today. I have reason to suspect that the main impetus for this plausible lie comes from this book, The South Was Right. The plausible lie makes a mockery of truth and the South. The portion of the Southern movement that is advancing the plausible lie is on a go-nowhere treadmill. This is because no advancement can take place for the South until the Yankee equalitarianism that has permeated America is destroyed.
And the reason for this should be clear: No pro-Southern equalitarian can erect any social order that is in one wit better than the one Northern equalitarians erected and in which we now live. Therefore, no matter how many flags and monuments are saved in heritage battles, no matter how many pro-Southern politicians are elected to office, no matter how many new members are recruited into the ranks of Southern organizations, no effective change can be wrought in our society until the principles of Yankee Abolitionist equalitarianism are refuted and overthrown.
To argue for the South within the framework of the Yankee equalitarian moral system is like trying to fit square pegs into round holes. It is as dishonest as the system our conquerors imposed upon us. And it is dishonorable for Southern men to be dishonest in their presentation of the issues pressing on the South today.''
Along the same lines are these words of Robert Salyer in a piece called Reconstruction and Nationalism:
''Southerners imbued with the egalitarian perspective of right and wrong are complicit in a public policy in the United States that aims at a society hereinafter undifferentiated, held together only by amorphous civic feeling. It is this complicity, and nothing else, that renders the South of today prostrate.
It is not true that humans have a duty to treat with identical dignity and identical concern every other human being on the planet solely by virtue of being of the species Homo Sapiens. This is the claim of Equality, the claim of Abolitionism, the claim of all modern Human Rights Campaigns, and it is simply unfounded. And it is unfounded because it is not true, because it is immoral.
Humans are social animals, and societies are organic. They have design, form, and a kind of soul in the whole. Rights exist only in society, and society accords different roles, corresponding rights, and different ranks to different members of society. Having such and such number of chromosomes does not, in and of itself, entitle one to freedom or anything else.''
These issues, obviously, are at the heart of most of what ails our society and the whole Western world today. It is around these issues that we will either stand or fall.

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