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It's good to see the 'DREAM Act' defeated -- for now.
Of course there is squawking from the usual quarters, but that too is music to the ears, just as long as the amnesty-in-disguise was defeated.
For now.
Recently I heard, as many of you probably did too, about a potential GOP version of the 'DREAM Act' which may be in the works. I hope there is still enough determination to see this thing stopped, once and for all, but reading some of the exasperating comments online among the 'mainstream' conservatives does not exactly inspire hope.
There are still people stuck in that mode of saying 'I'm not against immigration, just ILLEGAL immigration' from the people who think that all legal immigration is good, and that immigration is our lifeblood, keeps our country renewed, and similar twaddle.
As of now, we still have a kind of de facto amnesty in place; once they set foot on our soil, chances are they will stay. Even those who commit crimes and are deported are usually back in the blink of an eye. And once they have kids here, they are home and dry. Legal or not, they are still given most of the rights of citizens, and then some, in certain cases.
Sure, a few are deported, if only for show, yet it seems that this is enough to satisfy some Americans. They read the news stories about the deportation of a handful here and there, and think 'good, they're enforcing our laws.' Yet for every one that is sent home or who goes home voluntarily, there are thousands, probably tens of thousands coming into our country.
The battle was won this time, but the war goes on.

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