Comments and responses...
0 comment Sunday, October 26, 2014 |
Just a word about comments, that is, your comments and my responses to them: I have assumed that all of you are aware that I may not respond personally to each comment left on my blog.
Sometimes, because of the way comments display at my Haloscan page, I may overlook comments inadvertently, especially when many comments are left over the course of a day. Some days I don't even get around to reading all the comments, though I try to do so every day, more than once.
As of now, I am fighting off some kind of respiratory bug, and I've been dosing myself with elderberry extract, Vitamin C, extra Vitamin D, and the usual things. I hope all of you are keeping well; there are bugs going around in our neck of the woods and probably in yours, too. But sleeping only 3 or 4 hours as I sometimes do (as last night) you can imagine that my alertness level isn't the best, so I ask that you all bear with me if I am not johnny-on-the-spot with replying to comments or PM's. Believe me, there is nothing personal if a response is not forthcoming. I am not intending to slight anybody.
I like to keep things civil and amicable here; I may be curmudgeonly and tetchy in my posts but believe me I prefer to get along rather than not. I truly do appreciate the good manners of most of my readers and commenters.