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A couple of months ago I posted an entry about the post-Katrina cover-up, which amounted to a denial by many in the old media of the horrific events which occurred in New Orleans.
I suppose those who are determined for whatever reason to deny that certain things happened will continue to deny, but here is one more piece of corroboration of the kinds of things that happened. The story is an AP story so I won't excerpt it, but a doctor who was trapped in a hospital in New Orleans during the post-Katrina chaos gives her account, and it confirms much of what had originally been reported.
There are just too many first-person stories along these lines to be explained away or dismissed. The cumulative evidence is too hard to ignore.
The other question the deniers don't address is: who would benefit from making up such stories? The deniers are forced to resort to claiming that people like this doctor are mere attention-seekers conjuring up a juicy story. It just won't work. The deniers have many reasons for choosing to deny: the stories are too politically incorrect, and conflict with the victimolatry which underpins the liberal agenda. On the 'right', people who are obsessively pro-Bush believed that 'the Democrats' made up these stories to discredit the President, which is patent foolishness.
It seems to me that the evidence is there, whether it suits someone's agenda or not.

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