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This post may be of interest mainly to the Christians among my readers; just a heads-up to those of you who are not Christian, although you're welcome to read on if you like.
I've just been reading Joshua Trevino's piece about Sarah Palin at The Brussels Journal, and his high praise of her echoes similar words by so many others who saw or heard her speech.
Now, I know many of my readers are strongly anti-Palin, while some of you like her, and maybe some are indifferent.
And of the anti-Palin group, a certain number are Christians who say they are uncomfortable with women in leadership positions or with women possibly being entrusted with the Presidency. They cite, as support for their views, the Biblical position enjoining women to subordinate themselves to men.
I'm on record here as believing in the complementarity of the sexes, per the Bible, and I've even said I would not object to giving up my own right to vote, because I think female suffrage has led directly to the liberalism and the perverse 'tolerance' that is plaguing the West.
However I don't feel the same strong reaction against Mrs. Palin's candidacy as some do.
Here's something that occurred to me as I was reading Joshua Trevino's article: I thought of the Book of Judges, in which Deborah was raised up to be a judge. I remember that the wonderful Bible teacher J. Vernon McGee said, in discussing that story, that the Lord raised up Deborah because the men had defaulted on their natural leadership position. He noted that in the time of the rule by Judges, it was a time when 'every man did that which was right in his own eyes', in other words, it was a time of decline and lawlessness, which in some ways is like our time.
In Dr. McGee's Notes and Outlines to Judges, he says:
"Because no man was willing to take the lead, Deborah did."
Now, here on this blog we've discussed the leadership drought in our society and the fact that the political choices presented to us have been abysmal, from the incompetent and the inept and the inexperienced to the downright treasonous. For a while it looked as though Tom Tancredo would stand in the gap for us, but he fizzled out early on. Then there was Ron Paul, who seemed to be going from strength to strength, at least in terms of inspiring people, but he too soon faded.There is Chuck Baldwin, who is a good man, and for whom I may well cast my vote. But realistically, on inauguration day, it will likely be one of the two sorry 'major party' candidates standing there being sworn in.
There is no doubt that we have a dearth of good men, men of integrity and courage and strength, to lead us politically. We seem to have few men in public life who are willing to stand up to the forces that are arrayed against us.
So into this vacuum steps Mrs. Palin. It may be that she is not the leader a good man would be, but had there been such a good man, where is he? Somebody has to step up and rally the ordinary Americans, and it seems Mrs. Palin speaks to those people, inspires them, and people are hungry for that kind of inspiration.
She may not be the ideal, but can we not at least see why she is evoking such a powerful response among many leadership-starved middle Americans?
American men will have to step forward and re-claim their leadership roles. It's no good to blame feminism for shearing you of your rightful masculine power, as Samson was shorn by Delilah. Samson let down his guard with Delilah. He fell asleep, and let himself be shorn.
Men, if you don't want to be led by women, become the leaders again. There are many women who want you to assume your rightful role. But in the meantime, until men reassert themselves, there will be more women stepping forward into those empty slots. We can either have the viragos like Hillary or Nancy Pelosi, or we can have the Sarah Palins.
Deborah filled a role in the story of her country, and then when better times came, men stepped forward into leadership again. We can only hope the same will be true for us.

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