Whose America? Part II
0 comment Friday, September 26, 2014 |
Heather Mac Donald, writing at National Review Online, discusses the recent illegal alien marches and their brazen assertion of 'rights' in our country.
As Mac Donald rightly concludes, if America acquiesces to the protesters' aggressive claim of rights in our land, we will effectively be declaring that our rule of law is nonexistent, or that it is arbitrary, subject to being overthrown by a naked assertion that it is invalid. Acquiescing to the illegals' demands is giving up our sovereign rights as citizens of a nation called the United States of America to set limits on who enters, and to decide such limits based on our own standards. In the past, contrary to what the open borders fanatics of both parties say, America has chosen immigrants based on American interests. Now we are being pressed to give up the right to do this; the claim is made that any such restrictions on immigration are discriminatory and unfair. Thus we have no moral right to limit entry to our country. We are told that potential immigrants themselves are to decide for us. They may enter at will, and stay, regardless of our existing laws, and contrary to the expressed will of the majority of citizens of the country.
Now this kind of arrogance coming from opportunistic invaders is one thing; but our elected leaders, who in theory represent us Americans and our interests, are agreeing with the invaders. We are giving the illegals carte blanche to enter our country and flout its laws, and to defy the will of the American people.
If we who are the citizens and the rightful heirs of this country have no say in who enters the country, if we are only to passively submit to the remaking of our nation at our expense, in what sense is this still 'our' country? And in what sense is America still the America put forth in our founding documents?