Still here
0 comment Saturday, September 6, 2014 |
Glad to see a faithful few here on the blog, despite my extended silence lately.
Some of you may have seen me commenting here or there on other blogs, but the few comments I've posted elsewhere have been all the writing I've done lately. It will take a bit to get warmed up to this again, so please bear with me.
These last weeks and months have been a rather difficult time what with personal and family concerns, which I won't bore anyone with here. During all of this I have also had my dominant hand immobilized in a splint (due to injury) which makes it a little hard to do any typing except for the laborious hunt-and-peck kind. But it looks like things may be calming down just a bit -- apart from my internet connection being down yesterday, delaying my blogging efforts.
I realized that my 'blogiversary' came and went while I was absent; it was on April 9 in 2006 that I first began this blog. Time goes quickly, doesn't it? Some of you have been reading and commenting here for much of that time and some of you are more recent. But I appreciate your presence.

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