Fox News and the Saudi connection
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Via Family Security Matters, we learn from Cliff Kincaid at Accuracy in Media that the Saudi investor Bin Talal has exercised some influence at Fox News:
The Saudi Prince and Fox News
At the annual meeting of News Corporation, parent of Fox News, chairman Rupert Murdoch confirmed that a call from a Saudi Prince had resulted in a change in how the Fox News Channel covered the Muslim riots in France in 2005. Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a significant investor in News Corporation, told Murdoch he objected to highlighting the Muslim role in the riots.''
This story, about Bin Talal's influencing Fox News' coverage of the 2005 French riots, has been floating around for the past year or so. Now Kincaid confirms it.
Murdoch told me that the call from the Saudi Prince resulted in an investigation that resulted in the change of coverage. At the time, however, Claire Cozens of the Guardian reported that Alwaleed had claimed that the coverage was changed very quickly.''
Remember that Fox News is the preferred news channel for many rather unwary 'conservatives' and Republicans. Many believe Fox to be the 'only' honest news channel, especially with its 'fair and balanced' slogan. But only the extreme leftishness of the other news channels makes Fox seem more 'conservative.'
In truth, it's more middle of the road, at least as our network news goes; but Fox is as politically correct as the others where any of the more controversial issues are concerned. However Fox generally emphasizes the Iraq war, and follows the Bush administration line more than the other channels, and thus has pretenses to being conservative.
When I blogged about the recent Fox News Special 'Obsession', which dealt with the Islamic threat, I mentioned my perception that it was excessively careful in being critical of Islam. There was a palpably PC effort to distinguish between the 'few' Moslems who are involved in terrorism and the 'majority' of law-abiding Moslems.
At the time my thought was that the Bin Talal surely must have had an influence on this PC priggishness. Or maybe the Fox News people simply censor themselves pre-emptively, without their Saudi masters having to pick up the phone and lay down the law to them.
Such is Western culture now; dhimmitude is becoming so ingrained, especially where our media and political leaders are concerned, that PC enforcers and Saudi shareholders aren't even needed to crack the whip or make threats; everybody seems to automatically toe the line. It's internalized now.

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