More border incidents
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...that we won't hear about on Fox News or the other major media:
Three more border agents assaulted
One Border Patrol agent was nearly struck with a vehicle and two more nearly drowned within the past 10 days.
Yuma sector spokesman Chris Van Wagenen said these types of incidents are something the Border Patrol expects. He said those who profit from illegal activity are not going to give up control of the border without a fight.
"They're hoping to win through intimidation and violence.''
[...] The number of illegal aliens crossing the border has gone down, thanks to increased enforcement and the presence of the National Guard. But as the Border Patrol has predicted for some time, the amount of violence has gone up.
The record number of Border Patrol agent assaults for one fiscal year is 119. In 2006-07, there have already been 90 after only about four months, according to Van Wagenen.
"It's a 60 percent increase on last year," he said.'
Meanwhile, our major media makes sure we know all the latest celebrity news and gossip. 'Pay no attention to the ongoing border war' seems to be the attitude.

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