Life During Wartime
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At her Ultima Thule blog, Aussiegirl continues her series of essays on the present world crisis, which she describes as a new World War. As always, she ponders some very urgent questions and issues.
Reading her post, I was reminded of some remarks made by Oriana Fallaci. In her book the 'Force of Reason' she describes an interview with 'Palestinian' terrorist George Habash, back in 1972, in which he laid out the Islamic plan for a protracted war not only on Israel, but on Europe and America, and promised 'no peace for the West.'
Falacci then says, according to this LA Weekly article dated March 2006, that she later realized that he meant war in a much broader sense: not merely terrorism or military warfare, but 'the cultural war, the demographic war, the war waged through immigration, fertility, presumed pluriculturalism.'
This is the reality of the war we are now in; the tragedy for us in the West is that many of us cannot -- (or is it will not ?) see that the war is not merely the threatened conflagration in the Middle East but a much more encompassing war, by Islam against all of Western civilization: against Europe and all the European-derived, Christian countries, from Australia to Scandinavia, and of course most of all against us in America, known in the Islamic world as 'the Great Satan.' And the war involves, just as Falacci and anyone with eyes acknowledges, cultural and demographic war: war by immigration, fecundity, and in any other way in which they can exploit our weak-minded liberalism.
And in an even broader sense, the war is a war of the whole Third World against us of the West. Driven by envy and need, the Third World is staging a Camp of the Saints style invasion. Europe has its stream of African and Moslem illegals, we in America have a mostly Mexican and Central American influx.The 'newcomers' are not recognized as a threat by many in the West, because they come as refugees, supplicants, destitute and desperate people. They evoke pity rather than fear, but despite their appearance of weakness, they have the advantage over us: they know that there IS a struggle of the Third World against the effete, and ripe-for-the-picking First World. We are the weak ones, and our enemies know it. Yes, we have weapons and wealth, but we have lost the confidence in ourselves and in our right to primacy in the world. We have, for the most part, lost the courage of our convictions. We are weakened mostly by our yielding to perverse liberal ideas. We, in our simple-minded do-goodism, refuse to recognize any struggle unless there are weapons drawn or overt threats made.
All eyes are on Israel and Lebanon now, because that is the focal point of the war, the hotspot. But that is not the whole conflict, and this war has more than one front and more than one form. But the sides are aligned: the First World vs. the Third. We are under siege, all of us in the First World, in one form or another.The Islamic threat is heightened by the fact that we in the West are weakened by the demographic assault and the economic costs thereof; their jihad is more successful as our resources are diverted with our border problems and internal ethnic conflicts.
There is a religious aspect to ithe war, of course: the Islamic jihad, but that is only the most obvious aspect.
Many people in America are belatedly awakening to the threat of the Hispanic 'reconquista', but many others refuse to see that threat, and think that Middle Eastern terrorists (and supposedly only an 'extreme few') are the sole danger.
So we continue to invite the world indiscriminately to our countries, and we blithely pretend that everyone is the same; everybody wants the same thing. Our leaders tell us this: all human beings desire freedom and democracy, so if we just open our countries and our coffers to them, all will be well. Just eliminate want and poverty and ignorance and the world will be one big happy family. No more terror, no more tyranny and injustice and war. This worldview informs our efforts in the Middle East, and led us to enable the terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah by providing democratic means to empower them.
As long as we cling to this polyannish liberal view of the world, we are absolutely disarmed against our enemies. And when I use the word 'liberal.' I am in no sense confining that label to Democrats or to the Labour Party in the UK; liberalism is the basic orientation of the West in general. Just pay attention to the rhetoric coming from many in the Republican Party; it's unadulterated liberalism, perhaps disguised with patriotic-sounding rhetoric, but the idea of 'winning hearts and minds' in Iraq is just as liberal as it was when we attempted it in Viet Nam. And the idea of being bringers of 'democracy' to the benighted Islamic world is pure, 100-proof Wilsonian liberalism. The idea of open borders, be it camouflaged as 'amnesty' or 'earned legalization', or support for mass immigration, is beyond liberal; it's radical.
And our 'conservatives' can't be let off the hook, either; many of them support lax border control and immigration policies as a means of getting cheap labor and as a way of facilitating globalism, which they see as an economic necessity. Patriotic and national loyalties, and loyalty to our culture, mean nothing to those whose only desire is to 'fumble in a greasy till', and grub for the almighty dollar.
So we can't dismiss the problem as something endemic to the left only.
Our whole Western world must wake up from our delusions and return to first principles. It's imperative that we wake up to the realities of the world we live in. As the Talking Heads sang a quarter of a century or more ago, 'this ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no foolin' around.'
We are playing for keeps, folks. This is no time for partisan finger-pointing and projecting, no time for denial, or for hedonistic escapism.
Conservatives are by definition the guardians of safety, stabililty, and continuity; they are supposed to be the protectors of security and order and tradition. Liberals seek innovation and reformation, revolutions of one sort or another, always attempting to reform or change. Without a counterforce of conservatives dedicated to staying the forces of constant change and disruption, a society will be subject to upheaval and chaos. But the fact is, much of what passes for conservatism does not live up to its name; our designated 'conservatives' have abandoned the job of conserving anything except their own power or advancement in our corrupt political system. In what sense are these people 'conservative'? Most of today's professed 'conservatives' think that as long as they are slightly to the right of the loony left, they are fighting the good conservative fight. One wonders if they believe in their own posturing and rhetoric or whether they are cynically trying to woo both sides; 'walking on the left side, while leaning to the right'. Or is it vice-versa?
Unless our 'conservatives' rediscover conservatism in the original sense, they offer us no hope. It is no good to rely on party labels alone; just having an 'R' after one's name is not enough.
And without a firm rejection of the failed liberal values, including selfish narcissism, which have brought us to the present situation, and which leave us vulnerable in this present darkness, our leaders will not be able to lead us. They are failing us at present, and it is time for them to recognize how far our country has strayed in these last few decades. We have got to shake off the madness and reverse course while there is still time. We need leaders who are not still dedicated to the failed liberalism and modern nihilism which is the albatross around the West's neck.
What will it take to do this? There are some voices of sanity in the blogosphere, but unfortunately many of the most influential bloggers are still part of the old, failed, system and ideology, much as they may strike the rebel pose. As is almost always the case, the truth is not popular; people prefer comfortable falsehoods to difficult truths. The sane voices, in government, in the MSM, and even in the blogosphere, are few and far between; the proverbial voices in the wilderness. There is a crying need for leadership, but men of mere charisma and force of personality cannot save us, unless they are acting in the cause of right and truth. Those things are scarce commodities now, after decades of liberal erosion of our principles.
I hope I am wrong, but it may be that we in America cannot wake up until we are at the edge of the precipice; Things may have to get considerably worse before they can change for the better. Perhaps only then will people be willing to admit the futility of the present course and change directions.
We Westerners are all in the same leaky boat, taking on water; we need to realize the peril we are in and 'act --act in the living present!' as Longfellow wrote.

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