Who would the world elect?
0 comment Sunday, August 24, 2014 |
Here's an interesting site, where people of every country can 'vote' for their choice for President of the United States.
When I looked at the results, it appeared as though Ron Paul was in the lead among the Republican candidates and Barack Hussein Obama was leading on the Democrat side.
Luckily, the world can't participate in choosing our President -- not yet, anyway, though if the open borders crowd and the liberals of both parties have their way, we will be giving the vote to non-citizens before too long, and of course there have been reports that illegals in our country have voted.
For now, however, only Americans can legally have a say in who becomes our next President.
I am wondering, however, why so many voting in this poll would pick Obama? Any thoughts on that phenomenon?
Is he that charismatic, or is it just a politically correct thing?
Ron Paul certainly seems to have drawn a lot of favorable notice in other countries; there are blogs supporting him in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, and the UK, among others. Of course this is proof, to the neocons and the Fredhead types, that Ron Paul must be a liberal because all the 'Eurotrash' as they call Europeans like him.
As I said, every condemnation from those types is like a recommendation, from my point of view. He must be right (in every sense of the word) if they dislike him so much.

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