White Christmas
0 comment Saturday, August 23, 2014 |
In our neck of the woods, we are expecting yet another winter storm, this time with considerably more snow, and high winds, unfortunately.
So far, we've been spared power outages, though we have been pummeled by a lot of winds and cold. So here's hoping and praying that we do not lose our power when these winds come through here tomorrow. Actually, the winds are kicking up now, as I write this, so if I fail to post on the weekend it will probably mean that I am not online, probably without power, due to this storm.
At any rate, it looks like a White Christmas is almost a certainty this year. I am no great fan of cold weather and snow, so I wouldn't be disappointed if the snow passed us by. I am actually dreaming not of a ''white Christmas'' but of a Christmas in sunnier climes in the not-too-distant future.
Meantime, I expect many of you are experiencing much the same as we are here, with the snow, ice, wind, and Arctic cold. Here's hoping all of you are safe and snug at home, and not having to be out on the treacherous roads this weekend, and that you are not finding yourselves without power or other such comforts.

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