PC is a health hazard
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The current Mexican flu epidemic, which is being facilitated by our foolishly lax border policies, reminds us that earlier generations had a modicum of sense on issues of health in connection with immigration. The editorial cartoon is captioned 'The kind of assisted emigrant [sic] we can not afford to admit'. The cartoon depicts the Grim Reaper, with the name 'cholera' emblazoned on his clothes, entering New York Harbor. The health authorities, bearing a bottle labeled 'Carbolic Acid' are coming out to intercept him, with Castle Garden (Ellis Island) in the background.
In those days, as this article at Lori's Latest reminds us, there were health standards in place, and immigrants were turned back if they displayed signs of contagious or chronic diseases. Nowadays, as the article makes clear, illegal immigration makes a mockery of any existing standards for legal immigrants, and sadly it seems that health standards even for legal immigrants are none too strict. I first became aware of the resurgence of Tuberculosis in the late 1970s, when it was occurring in large numbers among legal immigrants in the city where I lived.
Recently I was talking with someone who really had no clue about the myriad diseases being introduced (or re-introduced) into this country by illegal and legal immigration. More people should be made aware of these facts, but political correctness makes it practically an offense to point out essential health information.

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