'All kinds of diversity'
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From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune comes this story of a gang rape at a college. Now I don't intend to dwell on the outrage of the crime; that's not my emphasis here. Lots of bloggers are doing a sterling job of cataloguing crimes like this. The sad fact is, crimes like these have become so commonplace that we in the public risk becoming somewhat inured to them. We seem to be on the road to a fatalistic kind of attitude. As an illustration, please note the words of the Hibbing, MN Mayor, Rick Wolff, regarding this incident:
Wolff said that in recent years, his community as well as other Iron Range towns have been dealing with "all kinds of diversity."That's just the way life is today, because change is constant," he said. "If you're not changing, you're dying. We're much better equipped as a community to deal with issues like this than say we were 10 years before, 15 years before, just because how far we've come."
Now let's just let his words sink in.
He is responding to questions about whether the college's supposed need for 'diversity' contributes to the increase in racially-charged crimes and incidents like this one.
And he responds that 'all kinds of diversity' are just life today; change is constant. And the fact that crimes like this have increased with 'all kinds of diversity' is actually for the better, he seems to imply. 'We're much better equipped to deal with issues like this...because how far we've come.'
What pretzel logic.
I am still stuck on his fatalistic turn of mind about the inevitability of change and 'all kinds of diversity'. And this phrase: 'If you're not changing, you're dying.'
That sounds eerily like the words of Frank Sharry, an open-borders advocate, in a Time Magazine article I quoted here previously. Sharry said
It's a battle for America's identity. Are we the people already here, or are we a set of ideas and ideals that are universal, such that the people who come here and subscribe to those ideals are American? You can never become a German if you weren't born in Germany. But you can become American. America is permanently evolving. That scares some people, but that's what we're all about. Do you keep it the way it is, or do you keep re-energizing the country with fresh people and fresh ideas?''
America is permanently 'evolving' -- like the Constitution, apparently. And as Mayor Wolff says, 'if you're not changing, you're dying.' Odd how they are both saying the same thing, but these ideas catch on and spread, virally, it seems. Now these ideas are accepted fact by many people in America.
But I would ask Wolff (why bother asking Sharry? His mind is closed) to reconsider. This idea that constant change IS life itself is insane. We all have a need for stability and continuity and tradition, for familiarity and reliability in our lives. Constant change, far from being 'life' and growth, change for its own sake, is chaos. It is entropy. It's madness. And it's just plain disorienting and stressful for human beings.
The Holmes Stress Point Scale is a way that psychologists can measure human stress levels. All change in life involves some degree of stress. Each stressful change adds to the stress total, with more stress leading to ailments, physical or psychological. While some change is welcome, even good change can be stressful.
I wonder how many points dispossession and loss of one's country and nationality count for? The instability and chaos of today's turbulent world, with mass migrations of disparate peoples, and the conflicts that ensue as they encounter each other, must be causing far more distress than we can imagine. Of course, no respectable social scientist will take that question up, because it would be too un-PC. The elites have spoken: Change is life; 'America is permanently evolving', being replenished with 'fresh people and ideas.'
So suck it up, people. Resistance is futile.
And if change is life, then there will just be a certain number of unfortunate casualties of all this good change; hey, to make an omelette, you gotta break some eggs, right?
So those crime victims we read about are just the cost of all this evolving.
Gotta have that diversity.
Right, guys?