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I've just been thinking: we all suspect, or know, that another amnesty bill is on the way, and that the odds are greatly in favor of it passing.
And this of course is not good. But if we must open the gates to the millions, at least that could potentially allow for some of our kin from Europe and the Anglosphere to come here. I read constantly of the exodus from the UK and other Western European countries; I don't know how many would like to come here, but our current immigration laws discriminate against them. Likewise for would-be refugees from South Africa or Zimbabwe; granted, a few manage to come here somehow, but the deck is stacked against them because our government openly discriminates in favor of Third World peoples, seemingly the less educated and the less skilled -- and the less compatible -- the better.
But if an amnesty is declared, applying to all illegals, would not some of our European and European-descended kin be among those given a 'path to citizenship'? Why are there not more from Western countries availing themselves of our lax enforcement policies? Are they just too law-abiding, or are they still too comfortable in their changing countries?
If we must have a flood of new 'citizens', it might be a silver lining in the cloud if some of our kin joined us.
Or would our anti-White government find a way to disqualify people who are not 'diverse' enough to enrich our country?

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