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The idea that the media are supposed to be aggressive and adversarial in relation to our government and the established powers is not necessarily a bad idea, even though many pro-adminstration conservatives see it as traitorous. Certainly it's necessary for a free press to take a skeptical approach and keep our government honest, at least in theory.
The problem is, our media carry this idea of the adversarial approach to an extreme, and tend to treat our own government as the enemy. But beyond that anti-government or anti-administration bias, there is an open antagonism to the American people. The American people, especially the majority, are also the enemy, judging by the content of the major media.
Read any American newspaper, or watch the cable news channels. The anti-majority bias is palpable. Points-of-view are heavily weighted in favor of marginal groups; illegal immigrants are the new heroes of the mainstream media. Each and every day, there is almost certain to be at least one story, written to tug at the heartstrings, about some poor illegal. The moral of each such story (and there is always a moral being presented, as in every sermon) is that our laws are unjust, and that America is racist and heartless. Similar stories are presented every day, and sometimes the suffering heroes are Moslems who are wrongly 'profiled' ; the moral of the story is always the same.
Now why, if the news business is a business like any other, would those in the business make it a practice to denounce the majority of their customers? Surely if one wants to attract and keep customers, this is not the way to do it. Are the media simply trying to appeal to the 'new markets' of various immigrants and other 'outsider' groups? Even so, doing so while alienating the majority seems illogical.
It's hard not to conclude that most of those in the media are 'true believers', who in a quasi-religious fashion, are devoted to the liberal agenda. They simply believe that they are more enlightened than the unwashed masses that make up the majority of Middle America, and they believe that their job is to re-educate and enlighten the ignorant public. Their condescension is evident.
The hard fact is that the media are not on our side, not on the side of the American majority.
At this moment, our country is at a crossroads; our uncontrolled borders, and the betrayal by our political leaders on this issue may well be the undoing of America. If we had an honest, free, objective media, we would have a better chance to turn things around. As it is, the media and our politicians are working against our interests, towards an agenda of their own. Too many Americans have little understanding of the seriousness of our situation, or how precarious the future of our country, and it's thanks to the media's pointed avoidance of the truth that this lack of awareness exists. Some of us, who have learned not to rely on the mainstream media, are awake and aware, but can we alert other people in time to avert disaster? We have to try; the Internet is the last bastion of free speech and free thought. The 'Net truly is democratic in that it allows for participation of all who are motivated enough to speak their minds and inform others. Our media can no longer be relied upon, being mostly in enemy hands.
Note: Here's an informative discussion from a forum of a few years ago, from the Center for Immigration Studies, on the media and immigration:

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