The growing Ron Paul phenomenon
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Did you know that there is a French blog for Ron Paul?
Ron Paul France
There is also a Belgian blog, and a Brazilian one. Ron Paul is evidently drawing interest and attention around the globe.
Michael Nystrom, editor of the Daily Paul blog, says
For the first time ever, last week the site passed 4,000 visitors in one day, and not two days later passed 5,000. Yesterday, thanks in part to the bump from the Wired News article that mentioned the site, we hit an all time high of 5236 visitors in one day. This is 100% growth since the end of May, and tremendous growth from back in February, when Ron Paul's grandson Matt Pyeatt started blogging on the site. Back then, 400 visitors was a good day!
Of course these figures are just reflecting the larger trend moving through society. There is a hunger for truth that is not being fulfilled by MSM and the current political leadership. Ron Paul just passed 18,000 YouTube subscribers. This is tops, by far, of any of the candidates. ''
I think Nystrom is correct that there IS a hunger for truth, and the old media and our current crop of discredited and corrupt politicians cannot provide what this country needs. We need a complete change, and I think the Paul phenomenon is a manifestation of that genuine searching for truth and for a desperately needed alternative to the failed status quo.
The GOP loyalists who have been so disparaging of Ron Paul and his supporters are fooling themselves if they write this phenomenon off as just a few zealots spamming online polls, and hyping their numbers. Clearly the traffic to the Paul blog is one indicator of the interest that is out there.
I know that in my own site statistics, there seem to be many people googling Ron Paul's name, looking for news and commentary about Ron Paul. The Republicans are whistling in the dark by pretending that Ron Paul has just a few fanatical supporters. They only wish that there was as much interest in their stale candidates as there is in Ron Paul.
Tom Tancredo could and should be distinguishing himself from the rest of the herd of candidates, but for whatever reason, he has not been very visible in this campaign so far. (Oh, and by the way, stop by Tancredo's website and sign his Save America petition. Even though the amnesty bill is officially dead, it will reappear in some other form.)
I do wish Ron Paul would speak out on the border issue, since it is crystal-clear, after this amnesty debacle, that the people are highly incensed over our sieve-like borders, and the ongoing invasion. But so far, Paul has not addressed that red-hot issue, choosing to concentrate on the war in Iraq. Maybe this is because the media prefer to highlight the fact that a Republican candidate has dared to defy the party line on Iraq.
In case I haven't posted this before, here is the link to the Ron Paul archives, where you may read articles by Dr. Paul on a number of issues. Read what he has to say on other issues such as hate crimes, the stem cell debate, economic issues, the United Nations, and neocons.
I can't find much to disagree with in his thinking; he is sound on all the important things, and sadly, I can't say that about most of the candidates.

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