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Found among the comments on this thread at TexasDarlin's blog, posted by 'Feeling Hoodwinked':
From We The People USA
I saw today that Obama had been in touch with some Dem Senators to introduce legislation to amend the 10th Amendment.
By doing this, they hope to prohibit state's from being able to declare Sovereignty (which is what the 10th Amendment is about).
They will rush this through and surely pass it, as it is a Dem dominated Congress (as we saw first-hand with Porkulus bill)...
I have not been able to find anything about this supposed counter-effort by the administration, but I would be interested if anyone else has read or heard anything about it, although the same quote is the basis of another discussion here.
I did find a couple of pieces which are worth a read, including this one, State Sovereignty Movement Keeps Growing and this fairly lengthy piece: Firestorm brewing between U.S. States and Federal government.
And on the topic of secession, I trust you've all read or heard about The Occidental Quarterly's essay competition on the subject of secession and racial nationalism. Some of you here could probably submit good entries on those subjects.

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