Facilitating the invasion
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Sat Nav for Mexicans illegally entering US
Would-be illegal immigrants planning to cross the desert and enter the United States on foot are to be given hand-held satellite devices by the Mexican authorities to ensure they arrive safely.
Those who get lost or fall sick during the dangerous four-day crossing will be able to activate the device, to alert frontier police on both sides of the border.
The satellite tracking service will require would-be illegals to register their intentions before setting off - a paradoxical move, given that secrecy is necessary for success - but Mexican authorities are predicting that about 200,000 devices will be handed out when the project is launched formally in the coming year.
"Our intention is to save lives," said Jaime Obregon, the coordinator for the state commission for migrants in Puebla, the Mexican state which is behind the project. "There are lots of people looking to cross and we are working with the US authorities to make sure they do not die on the way." '
According to Mexican state migrant authorities, up to 75,000 attempt the crossing every month, of whom between 50,000 and 60,000 are caught by US border patrols and sent back.
The chance of success depends greatly on the knowledge of the guide, known as a "coyote" or "desert fox". They charge between $2,000 and $10,000 per person (�1,025-�5,100).
[...]A spokesman for US Customs and Border Protection said: "We do not have any information about the Mexican government providing satellite trackers to people, but we strongly discourage encouragement to people who are attempting to cross illegally into the US."
Web site will track migration patterns
from El Universal, Mexico
The government has launched a new web site tracking the hometowns of millions of Mexicans residing in the United States, the Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE) said Saturday.
The site, which features maps of both countries, shows how Mexican migrants tend to settle in U.S. cities where residents from their home state or town have gone before them, the SRE said in a news release.
The SRE said the information, gathered by Mexican consulates in the United States, will help people to better understand Mexican migration.''
Both of the above stories are indicative of the fact that the mass Mexican invasion is not a random, spontaneous event, but is carried out with the aid and assistance of the Mexican government, certainly, and it appears, with the knowledge and approval of 'our' government. This is also another piece of supporting evidence for the move to unite all of North America in some unholy 'North American Union.' It seems more and more as if this is a fait accompli, and they are just waiting to formalize it, and looking for an optimum time to break the news to their citizens, or should I say 'subjects'. No doubt the deniers and scoffers who insist that there is no North American Union planned will refuse to admit that likelihood; either they are spin artists who are appointed to debunk the stories and thus try to calm people's misgivings, or they are simply indoctrinated true believers who honestly think that their favorite political party or leaders can do no wrong. Either way, anyone who continues to deny that there is a move afoot to unite North America is not willing to follow the truth wherever it leads, but choosing to wish away unpleasant or difficult facts.
But one wonders why these stories tend to be leaked out in dribs and drabs; is the idea to let us know what is going on a little at a time, so that we get used to it, like the proverbial frog in warm water which is gradually heated to a boil? And will the news we receive tend to make us resigned and fatalistic, accepting the loss of our country and culture as something we cannot avoid or resist?

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