CIRA: '...the worst bill ever'
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According to John Derbyshire at NRO, the 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act' passed by the Senate last week, just might be the 'worst bill ever.'
After having read many analyses of it, especially that of Robert Rector, it's easy to agree with him.
A couple of quotes from his piece at NRO's 'The Corner':
The stupidity and rottenness of CIRA is really beyond the ability of a single human mind to encompass it.
... I will not even vote for any politician who agrees to go into conference on this horror. How big are Capitol Hill garbage bins? That's the only place this heap of dreck belongs.
I agree with Derbyshire; I agree that the House should not even agree to go into conference on this monstrosity of a bill.
Read the Derbyshire piece here.

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