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The response continues around the blogosphere to Eric Holder's 'nation of cowards' gauntlet.
In Selwyn Duke's response, he describes the campaign of vilification of Whites, for which he uses the term 'caucophobia', and which he describes as having been mainstreamed. And he warns of consequences:
What does history teach about the plight of consistently scapegoated and dehumanized groups? It's that they almost invariably end up suffering persecution. And given that current demographic trends indicate whites will becomes a minority in America during the lifetimes of many reading this, and given that even majorities sometimes are tyrannized -- as Sunnis' domination of Shiites under Saddam Hussein and the Spartans' enslavement of the Helots proved -- it's foolishness to dismiss the peril posed by mainstreaming caucaphobia.''
Here, Heather MacDonald takes a different approach, with which I find little in common. I suppose because of her libertarianism, she seems to take a somewhat politically correct approach, and seems to agree with those who think America bears substantial guilt for past sins against minorities. The approach seems to appeal for mercy on the grounds that we are not quite so racist now as we used to be, and deserve credit for amending our ways somewhat:
But if Attorney General Holder is really sincere about wanting a "frank" conversation about race, he should put the following items on the agenda:
The American electorate. The country just elected its first black president. And it actually didn�t talk a lot about Barack Obama�s race during the election, thank heavens, because most Americans were more interested in the candidate�s ideas than in his skin color. There were undoubtedly hundreds of thousands of people who wouldn�t vote for Obama because of his race. I would guess that their average age was 75. There is no question that a great many geriatric Americans continue to harbor the rankest racism for blacks, but guess what? They�re not going to be around for much longer. Young people growing up in the last 30 years live on a different planet when it comes to racial attitudes�until the educrats start playing with their minds.''
Young people who have grown up in the last 30 years do truly live on a different planet in regard to race; many if not most live on a planet which has a racial hierarchy, but it is the reverse of the racial order of their supposedly 'rank racist' geriatric elders. Many of these young people who she describes, basically, as the moral betters of their elders, dwell a planet where rap and hiphop are the highest art form, and blacks are put on a pedestal, and where interracial relationships are not only acceptable but considered superior in some circles.
(Disclaimer: I trust my younger readers know that I don't include them in the stereotype. Every generalization admits of exceptions.)
MacDonald continues:
We might also talk about those legions of older, black Americans who have held on to their love of country and belief in its ideals, despite having been subjected to America at its worst. I have had the privilege to speak to many such individuals for my work, and they have broken my heart with their dignity and nobility. Rather than reflexively consulting professional race activists for insights into race in America, the media and politicians might for once seek some voices that contradict the mandatory "angry black male" trope.''
'America at its worst'? I can't believe that this article was mostly lauded over at AmRen. America 'at its worst' is the America of today, as far as I'm concerned. But then again I am probably of that generation that she considers to be 'rank racists.'
She continues:
When communities resist an influx of Section 8 housing-voucher holders from the inner city, say, they are reacting overwhelmingly to behavior. Skin color is a proxy for that behavior. If inner-city blacks behaved like Asians�cramming as much knowledge into their kids as they can possibly fit into their skulls�the lingering wariness towards lower-income blacks that many Americans unquestionably harbor would disappear. Are there irredeemable racists among Americans? To be sure. They come in all colors, and we should deplore all of them. But the issue of race in the United States is more complex than polite company is usually allowed to express. If Eric Holder wants to crank up our racial preoccupations even further, let him at least do so with a full airing of the facts.''
Ultimately, then, she is one of those who thinks all racial differences are attributable to environment and 'nurture', and that if we merely educated minorities better, all races could achieve equally. Such is the libertarian 'see no race' approach.
Yes, I know a few libertarians are more realistic, but the majority are race-deniers. That, for me, was Ron Paul's biggest drawback.
Coming from a very different (and much more realistic) perspective is David Yeagley. His piece is much more blunt, free of the usual PC disclaimers or cant, but here I have to disagree with him as to the cause of our predicament.
Now. The only question is, Whose fault it all this? Frankly, it probably isn�t the fault of black people. It is the fault of their "handlers," or, "masters," the Oedipal white WASPS in power. And no, don�t blame the Jews. They�re a tiny minority. Blame white people�those in power. Inherited power. Deep power.''
I suppose I am fighting a losing battle in trying to rebut this 'WASPs did it' canard. I would like specifics, please. Who are these 'Oedipal white WASPs in power'? Where are they? Who exactly holds the real power in our country, or in the West? How many of them are WASPs of old stock? Very few, to my knowledge. I've posted about that a number of times. WASPs have long since been demoted from power, having been displaced by a coalition mostly of Ellis Islanders and other latecomers (e.g. George Soros, et al). Rich WASPs just don't have much influence or clout, and many old-line wealthy families of WASP origin have long since lost their WASP character and bloodlines. It isn't like the old days, when people in the Social Register were mostly WASP and only intermarried among themselves. The lines are blurred; the elites are cosmopolitans, not WASPs, not even in a cultural sense.
And on a discussion thread, Dr. Yeagley repeats this same thing, in response to a commenter:
PearlGirl, I know there are many suggestions about why these race-based social conditions have come about. I do blame the heirs of the Pilgrims, the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant descendents. They have the power and the money. I�ve called it a cultural Freudian Oedipal complex, a latent homosexual aggression. It is whites denigrating whites.''
PearlGirl answers:
Dr. Yeagley - WASPS HAD the power and money. They�ve forgotten who they are,and allowed power and wealth to slip away. I speak AS an actual WASP��.I should look up this quote - but I think it�s salient - an Asian leader just observed that ",,,in a multicultural country, people vote according to Race". The last national "election" we�ve endured definitely proves that thesis. Are you familiar with the work of Arthur Kemp? He posits that when a homogenous population allows "The Other" in - the original population fades, and vanishes,due to miscegenation, and the original social order collapses. There are plenty of examples of this phenomena, through the whole of Human history. Now - your position has merit, but it�s a part of the whole picture. We must always, in any event, ask fearlessly "Why?" We MUST bother to ask, and determine causation. Always. You can�t cure a disease, if you don�t know the cause.''
Thanks to PearlGirl, whoever she is. She says what I've said before: in allowing the 'tired and poor' of first, Eastern and Southern Europe, and then farther-flung places, to settle here, the result was an accelerated weakening of our country, as the racial/ethnic/religious bonds were weakened. It's true that many Anglo-Saxon New England liberals were bleeding-hearts who promoted the wave of Ellis Island immigration which was really the beginning of 'diversity' and the 'melting pot' debacle for us, but there were also New England Yankees who opposed that, and as proof of that, we see how the greatest resentment of the Ellis Islanders is reserved for the hated WASPs who were supposedly 'unwelcoming' and 'bigoted' towards the Ellis Islanders. Their descendants carry grudges many generations later. In fact, I would say they started the trend of victimology, of ethnic grudges and vendettas: ''your ancestors wanted to exclude my ancestors, so you owe me' morphed into 'your ancestors enslaved mine, so you owe me.' It's a continuous line of descent. The Ellis Islanders often sympathize with today's immigrants, and often side with blacks and minorities generally.
And who were the main perpetrators of the ill-omened 1965 Hart-Celler Act?
I've linked favorably to Dr. Yeagley, but I think he is mistaken on this point, and yet he is not alone in making this accusation against WASPs.
It's a very popular one even among 'race realists' and ethnoconservatives.
Yes, there were liberal New England WASPs, but there are and have also been people like Carleton Putnam, Carleton Coon, Madison Grant, H.P. Lovecraft (yes, he was a fiction writer, and is now a cult 'fringe' figure for readers of fantasy fiction, but he had very realist views on race, and he was more or less a New England Yankee to the core.)
Overall, it seems only to help the other side when we turn on and accuse each other. If anything is to defeat us, it will be this spirit of division: everybody else vs. 'WASPs', the post-baby boomers vs. boomers, Southrons who hate New England Yankees and vice-versa, non-Christians of all stripes vs. Christians. Almost all of the groups mentioned above are looking to pin the blame for our present crisis on one scapegoat group. This is just counterproductive. Everybody seems to have some group they wish to exclude. But if we are to survive and prosper, which is in doubt at this point, we will have to get past the blame game and the internal dissension. At some point we will have to see that since the majority of our people are still under some kind of deep delusion, we will have to make common cause with the rest of our brethren who can see clearly -- even if we don't agree on certain issues. We have to put our differences aside and put concern for our kin and brethren ahead of our grievances or animosities.
And that brings me to one other point which I see as paramount here: Holder says we need to 'talk frankly about race', and I agree. But instead of talking to people who want only to shout us down, I see instead that we need to talk to one another. That's where we may have been 'cowardly'. We hesitate to talk to our unaware or less aware brethren. We need to start communicating with them, break the ice, and try to break through the formidable conditioning to which they've been subjected. That's where the talking needs to be done.

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