Our Towns, revisited: Maywood and Farmer's Branch
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Won't you be my neighbor? - Fred Rogers
Here is one story, from the Los Angeles Times, about a recent skirmish in our new Mexican-American war:
Give the devil his due: the Los Angeles Times is usually openly leftist and pro-illegal immigrant, but this article was not as nakedly biased as most of their 'journalistic' efforts.
The protest in Maywood revolves around the city's de facto sanctuary policy, in which city officials refuse to enforce immigration laws, giving free rein to illegal immigrants.
Maywood has an official population of 28,000. But local officeholders say that about 45,000 people live there when illegal immigrants are fully counted."
Protesters from the Save Our State group were confronted by counter-protesters, about 200 of them to the SOS group's 'few dozen' marchers. Police failed to arrest anyone,even though the counter-protesters' behavior crossed the line, and during the course of the event. a Mexican flag was hoisted over the Maywood post office, after the American flag was pulled down and disrespected.
This thread, from the Save Our State forums, contains some first-person accounts of what happened.
(Warning: the thread may load slowly, due to large graphics)
And here is Lonewacko's account of the Maywood incident and the coverage thereof, as well as FreedomFolks
Some of the signs seen in the photos of the protest: the predictable 'This is our continent, not yours', which has been appearing since the April invaders' riots across our country, and a 'new' one,with an old and familiar message 'Workers of the world, Unite' with the Spanish translation. 'Obreros del mundo unidos.' (Actually I think the translation is a less than accurate one, reading something like 'workers of the world, united' Rather than ending with the exhortation, 'unite!' But no matter; the illegals it was aimed at are likely illiterate anyway.)
Here is a video of the protest via CNN's Lou Dobbs show.
Here's what jumps out at me: the two Hispanic people, the woman who says she is there 'supporting our Hispanic culture and heritage' and the man who says European 'racists' should go back to Europe where'they will be happier and better off' -- these people are American citizens. I would bet money on that.
At one point, the SOS contingent says to the pro-invader mob: 'leave and come back legally' or similar words. The reconquista mob shouts back 'we are legal.' Well, guess what, many of them probably are. Judging by the colloquial English they were speaking, they are likely American-born, and certainly American-bred. So can we please stop deluding ourselves that most Hispanics who are born here are really all red-white-and-blue Yanqui-doodle-dandies who oppose illegal immigration 'just as much as the rest of us do'? Folks, that is a PC urban legend. I would not bet my life savings on that being true. I say this not out of 'bigotry' but based on real-life experience. Maybe in the past this statement was true; I grew up alongside Mexicans in Texas, as did 5 generations of my family. But times have changed. When this country truly does reach a demographic point of no return (and it may already have reached that point) can we be certain that American-born Hispanics will side with us, or will they side with their hermanos from south of what used to be the Border? I think there will be a lot of vacillating there. I'm a believer that blood is thicker than water, and certainly thicker than this vague American 'creed' that the multicultists claim 'makes us American.'
Meanwhile, on another front in the new Mexican-American war, this time in Farmers Branch Texas:
This news story says that the Hispanic leftist group LULAC is buying up homes in the town of Farmers Branch so as to establish more Mexican families there.
A spokesman for LULAC says
We are going to motivate people to move into Farmers Branch because we cannot afford to let anyone scare us out of any city."
[...]Members of LULAC and the Latino Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals are joining together to encourage Hispanic home ownership in the city. They want to sell the available homes to Hispanic families -- including council member O'Hare's home.
And true to form, a local American resident parrots the PC mantra: 'They're good neighbors, we're good neighbors.' The woman who said this obviously grew up watching Mister Rogers, and forms her worldview based on his philosophy: won't you be my neighbor?
But this looks like another 'Riverside' story: remember the recent clash in Riverside, NJ, where the Hispanic boast was 'Riverside is going to be ours'?
But Hector Flores of LULAC has no neighborly words for the 'Anglo' enemy in Farmers Branch.
Farmers Branch now is going to be a city of hate,'' he said. ''I�m sure the Statue of Liberty must be crying right now, knowing some of our subjects in this great democracy of ours are conjuring up to make life more miserable for those who are here trying to eke out a living, contributing to our great country through their sweat and tears, only looking for what our forefathers were looking for when they came here.''
I would also bet my last dollar that Hector Flores is an American-born citizen, and judging by his rhetoric ('our forefathers') his family has possibly been in Texas for a couple of generations or more. Yet his allegiance is to his 'raza', his 'gente', and the Anglo [sic] is the enemy, like the two pro-illegal demonstrators who spoke to the news crews at the Maywood protest.
We Americans have got to face the hard realities: there are many legal Hispanic immigrants and American-born Hispanic citizens who are NOT on our side. So we have the brainwashed European-Americans, our ethnic brothers and sisters, who hate America; these people are always a contingent at all these pro-illegal demos. And in the April-May cycle of protests, we saw immigrants from many countries (some illegal and some not) marching in support of the Mexican illegals, demanding 'rights' for their ethnicity and people. Meanwhile, we American of the unhyphenated tribe console ourselves with PC fairytales like: 'most Hispanic Americans are on our side' and 'it's only the illegals who are the problem; I have no problem with the legal immigrants, no matter where they come from.'
Please: can we think about that last one? Remember the moment in the video when the mob of Mexican protesters surrounded the white man, jeering 'huero!' or whatever. If all of those people were legal, with the blessing of our government, do they belong in our country? Are they good for America? Is this the America we want for our descendants, to live their lives surrounded, as that man was, by hostile invaders? If so, then let's just keep on doing just what we are doing: let's continue to imagine that we only need to write more strongly-worded letters to our congressmen or sign more petitions, or that we just need to have more understanding and build more bridges and befriend our enemies. And let's just pretend that 'illegal immigration' is the only problem, not mass immigration per se.
Let's go on believing that 'they are just hard-working people who want a better life', or that 'this is a nation of immigrants after all', and that 'at least the Mexicans are good Christians, not Muslims' and that 'everybody assimilates eventually'.
Let's go on thinking that it's more important to fight each other, to try to be more politically correct than the next guy, more careful, more sensitive, so that the enemy will stop calling us 'racists' and vigilantes. Let's keep on imagining that PC purity is the be-all and the end-all; let's hold onto the myth that if we mince our words carefully and avoid offending, then they will stop calling us the 'r-word.'
Like the nice lady in Farmers Branch, with her 'we're good neighbors, they're good neighbors' mantra, we are at a huge disadvantage against our Reconquista adversaries.
But if we want to keep America, we have to acknowledge cold, hard reality; we have to recognize that the need to take off the gloves, enforce our laws, stand our ground, and stop being hobbled by our desire to be nice guys, good neighbors, inoffensive all-tolerant paragons of PC virtue. Nice guys, as a famous American Leo Durocher once said, finish last.
The Reconquista crowd, as we are seeing time and again, have no intention of being 'nice guys'.

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