Reality comes to our town
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Is worse better? We kicked that question around a week or two ago here on this blog, and I've been of the opinion that worsening conditions for white folks don't necessarily lead to a realistic attitude or a rejection of politically correct self-abasement.
We will soon see if worse is better here in my town. Some of my acquaintances are suddenly having their first experience with 'diversity' of any kind, really, and specifically of the Latino variety. Now I'm hearing tales from dismayed townspeople about trash-strewn yards, loud partying, lewd behavior (displayed to the entire shocked neighborhood), and verbal aggression by the immigrants. When I hear about these things, I have to resist strongly the urge to say 'I told you so.' I've been quietly informing people that this is what we may expect as our town Hispanifies.
What do my local friends answer, when I tell them the bad behavior is all too common? Well, it seems that the man who owns the house inhabited by the ill-behaved invaders is himself a fairly recent immigrant from south of the border --- ''but he's so nice!" everyone protests. This is always the problem: the naive whites, who want to think and speak only good things of everyone, will insist on clinging to the belief that the ones who are ''so nice" represent the vast majority, while the rowdies and the chaos-bringers are a few exceptions to the rule.
This is an across-the-board phenomenon when dealing with others, with minorities: the insistence, the desperation to find 'nice' members of the group and to focus on them alone, while wearing blinders in regard to bad behavior by many others.
How do we get past this? It's a real challenge.
Our media and our politically correct Marxist educators have successfully implanted in white people's minds the idea that any problems we encounter, from bad attitudes to violent crime among the minorities, is our fault, our problem, and that it's completely atypical. The 'real' minorities are the ones who are ''so nice'', like those on the ubiquitous TV commercials and in our movies and other entertainment. The real blacks are those nice lady judges and doctors and computer experts and teachers on TV and in movies; those who behave menacingly or belligerently, or who commit crimes against us or our neighbors are 'the exception'.
The 'real' Mexicans are those like the ''so nice'' landlord from Mexico --- who nonetheless allows a group of underclass illegal types to rent a house from him.
The problem is, that even with the exemplary minorities, they usually have friends or family members who are of the less exemplary kind, and they do little or nothing to discourage the bad behavior of their lawless kin and friends. I see a lot of whites desperate to find someone in the minority 'communities' that they can hold up as an example of how 'they are not all bad', and such whites will grasp at straws, hoping to find someone to deliver them from the horrible fate of believing in the negative stereotypes. Many are truly afraid of descending into 'racism', which they perceive either as a kind of mental illness or as moral depravity of the gravest kind. So they grasp at straws; any friendly, decent non-white is proof positive that minorities really are just like you and me, and that race is only skin deep. Many conservatives seem over-eager to find someone to fill the niche for them. For many politically-minded 'conservatives', the role is filled by people like Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice, Walter Williams. Or, for the counter-jihadists, it's people like Hirsi Ali, Walid Shoebat, or the other 'good Moslems' or apostate Moslems. ('See? Many of them are on our side!)
Those who are trying to find 'friendly Latinos' have fewer public figures to hold up as examples of Latinos who are on our side.
How many pro-enforcement Mexican-American elected officials are there? There might be one or two somewhere, but none comes to mind. However, for most Americans looking for rescue from their 'racist' thoughts, they can look to, say, the guy who owns their favorite Mexican restaurant. And believe me, every neighborhood has a Mexican restaurant or two these days -- even my town. We have two of them, three, if you count the taco wagon. And everybody thinks the friendly immigrant owner and all the smiling waiters and busboys are proof that mass Mexican immigration is not so bad.
So on it goes. As long as there are two or three friendly faces, or good examples, many Americans will continue to live in a wishful thinking world where it's only the few who cause the problems, and the majority are really our friends -- regardless of the deterioration and the disruption and the chaos and crime they begin to see around them.
I can hope that the real world will intrude into my town just enough to educate my naive 'colorblind' Christian neighbors -- but how much educating, I wonder, will they require? Or will they never learn the lessons of reality? I hope that they will wake up before the whole town is turned into a replica of some border barrio.
Will reality prove more powerful than the stubborn will of many of my neighbors to remain 'open and inclusive'? Or will they continue to believe the fairytales, long after the town is gone to ruin?
Personally, my faith isn't strong enough to convince me that worse will soon turn to better.
I am left wondering how a nation of people who were once fairly hard-headed and savvy have now become such soft-headed, gullible dupes. What happened to us? Can it be reversed? And can it be reversed in time?

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