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From an anonymous post at AmRen:
''Consider this. One cannot turn on a television for five minutes without seeing sophisticated brain washing techniques that often have a blatantly anti-white message. The tsunami of this brainwashing is both relentless and insidious. And quite sophisticated�.evolving over time. And TV is just one of the sources we all come into contact with every day.
I propose that the ONLY difference between a liberal and a conservative, a communist and a white nationalist, is that person�s innate resistance to brain washing. Further, resistance is not immunity. You might want to think about that, CAREFULLY, when noticing that others are brainwashed. They don�t know it. And neither do you. A big part of doing something about this is first noticing it in yourself and dismantling attitudes, philosophies and beliefs (not to mention behaviors) that were put there by someone else. You won�t like the amount you find.
Divide and conquer is a technique as old as warfare itself. And part of the point of this brainwashing is divide and conquer.''
We've discussed these things here repeatedly, but it is still worth talking about.
I think the comments are true, obviously.
However, the hypothetical leftist/multiculturalist would counter (if he made any argument at all, beyond shouting 'racist!') that in fact it is not his side which is brainwashed, or which is actively brainwashing the public. He/she/it would say that it was in fact the older generations who were brainwashed into believing in race, especially in racial differences, and brainwashed into living by the old standards and loyalties. No, he would insist that today's schools and media are simply deprogramming people from their old-fashioned, atavistic, 'sexist, racist, and homophobic' delusions.
I often refer to the content of most of the media as being propaganda, and its relentlessness is getting more and more obvious by the day. And I've wondered if the theory this anonymous commenter posits is true: how is it that some seem to fall prey to all the propaganda, behaving like prey 'charmed' by a cobra, while others -- like those of us here, presumably -- seem resistant to it? Is there just an innate personality type that is resistant to propaganda and behavioral conditioning?
I would guess that it is not a resistance to being taught as such; it does not represent an inability to learn. It seems to be an independence of mind, or a stubbornness, as opposed to the gullibility of those who sit transfixed watching Oprah or CNN or yes, even Fox News, and simply absorbing everything fed to the audience.
Perhaps too it could represent the more ''dependent'' personality type, the type which is more susceptible to peer pressure or to following leaders. There is certainly no shortage of that personality type in our country today.
But the fact that those who follow the prevailing belief system see the world in such a radically different way than those of us who have resisted the 'brainwashing' is the source of the intractable differences between the two factions in this country.
The 'divide and rule' strategy is obviously at work here.
The media's message seems to have been ratcheted up considerably; are the media masters simply oblivious to the growing resistance that their aggressive propaganda is starting to provoke, or is this, too, part of the plan? Are they hoping to provoke some kind of rash behavior, or are they attempting, just short of violent provocation, to flush out and identify those who won't be 'assimilated' and who are therefore the enemy?
If they want to continue their insidious shaping of people's thoughts and opinions and feelings, they would seemingly want to make it more low-key so as not to arouse resistance and antagonism. But I don't think they are that inept. I think there's a method to their madness.
It does seem that some are just naturally more resistant, but what, then, explains the few who suddenly wake up to the fact of their being conditioned and manipulated?
I can only really speak for myself, but in my case, there was a strong core of the old ways of thinking and believing, instilled by my parents and the society that prevailed in my early years, and that basic core re-asserted itself when things reached a certain tipping point for me. I don't know if something similar is possible among those who never had the old-fashioned ideas and ideals imparted to them in early life. There are generations who have known nothing other than the present order of things.
Our anonymous friend from AmRen also makes the point that resistance to the propaganda is not the same as immunity. I do believe that many people on our side still harbor vestiges of the post-1960s politically correct mindset, and that it is so all-pervasive that those who retain these ideas are not conscious of it, just as Anonymous says. I've made this argument before among certain people, namely those on the right who detest 'baby boomers' yet whose language, attitudes, and lifestyles are all straight from the Woodstock tribe's playbook. Example: people who have libertine lifestyles (casual sex, cohabitation, support for abortion, porn, and 'deviant' sexual preferences), and people who generally loathe their elders and all things pre-modern.
If the baby-boomers were the fount of all evil, why not renounce everything they believed in and promoted? But no; the baby-boomers have whole generations following in their misguided footsteps.
Libertarianism, with a small or large ''l'', is also something that really had little widespread influence before the babyboomers' era. Before that, it was rather an obscure philosophy. And lest someone tell me that libertarians are insignificant in the overall picture, they have had an enormous influence on Republicans; for instance many FReepers believe in legalized drugs, tolerance of homosexuality, open immigration, etc., based on libertarian principles. This would have been unthinkable even back in Reagan's day. It isn't your father's Republican party anymore.
A more obvious example of people retaining vestiges of the propaganda is the racial fawning among Republicans. Much as most of them denounce liberals, they agree with liberals in more ways than they seem to recognize, and they are thus at odds with their own forefathers' views, and any kind of 'conservative' principles.
Another example: feminism is now defended fiercely by many ''conservative'' and Republican women. I am always stunned by the number of ''conservatives'' who approve of women in combat, or who will defend the co-ed military generally, making it a question of patriotism: ''There are some wonderful patriotic women who want to defend their country, and some of 'em are just as strong and courageous as men; would you deny them the right to serve their country?"
I am afraid Anonymous is right. I suppose most of us have some remnant of the propaganda that has taken root in our minds, and which we unconsciously cling to, without thinking about it.
But suppose we could, somehow, miraculously, have our heart's desire, and have all the forced innovations and social experiments reversed. Suppose we could push the reset button. With as much of the PC propaganda now firmly established in our minds, and in our customs and institutions, I think we might easily return, by degrees, to where we started, in this multicult dystopia.
Of course there is a very vocal faction among us that always insists ''there's no going back. The past is dead and gone, and good riddance to it.'' Of course we can't enter a time machine and go back to the past. But is it not possible to at least look to our past, and reclaim those things that worked so well for us, the essential things that made our people and our country such a good place? Obviously I believe that it could be done. What I believe is not possible, nor desirable, is to start out with a totally new social experiment, in which we wipe the slate clean like the Jacobins did, jettisoning all the old traditions. I am afraid that is what a number of people on our side desire.
But that dispute is a topic for another post.

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