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Mexican protesters take to the streets in Irving, Texas:
More than 1,000 protest Irving's rise in deportations
Brandon Formby
Angered over a record number of recent deportations in Irving, more than 1,000 protesters waved U.S. flags and chanted "We are America" as they rallied Wednesday night at City Hall.
Demonstrators called for Irving officials to put a moratorium on turning over suspected illegal immigrants to federal officials until immigration laws are reformed nationally. They also urged people to call Mayor Herbert Gears and ask him to stop deporting people from the city's jail.
"We need to raise our voice and we need to ask for changes about the things we don't like here," said Hector Flores, a leader in Irving's Hispanic community.
A few people who support the deportations carried signs in favor of the illegal immigration enforcement.''
As usual, the ratio of pro-invasion marchers to pro-borders marchers is not in our favor.
And what a novelty: imagine this article, any article on immigration, being written by someone named Brandon Formby; are the diversity nazis falling down on the job? Couldn't they find someone named Jose or Juan or Maria to write the article? Isn't it some kind of ironclad rule that only 'diverse' reporters can write about their people? At any rate, the article has plenty of information to make an American's blood boil.
Listen to what one Hector Flores, a 'leader in Irving's Hispanic community' says: 'We need to raise our voice and we need to ask for changes about the things we don't like here,' says Hector. All I have to say to Hector is that if he is not a legal resident of this country, he has no right to 'ask for changes' about the things he doesn't like. He has the right to a ticket home, and that's it. The fact that we tolerate the Hector Floreses in this country and their arrogant demands is only a sad testament to our spinelessness, especially the invertebrate politicians who are whoring after Hispanic votes.
Maybe Hector, in his ignorance, doesn't know that American citizens in Mexico, even those legally resident there, have no political rights. They have no right to peaceably assemble or protest or petition the government for any kind of 'right' or concession. Doing so will get them summarily deported. If Hector Flores and his hermanos had any sense of fair play they would not demand the rights that they don't reciprocate. But I truly and honestly believe that the concept of fairness and reciprocity is a Western thing, and it is not a quality non-Westerners comprehend nor desire to comprehend.
The fuss in Irving over deportations of 'criminal illegals', seemingly a hair-splitting distinction between those who merely broke our laws to enter, and those who are caught committing more crimes once in our country, is of course marked by race-baiting:
Opponents of the program say Irving police are unfairly targeting Hispanics. They say that many Hispanics have become afraid of police and that families are being torn apart as parents are deported thousands of miles from their children.
"This isn't justice," said Deyla Reyes, a Northlake College student. "We need to stop this. These people have come here to work. We cannot support this program."
Ms Reyes, sounds like an American-born Hispanic. Shame on her. She, even though a college student, thinks that anybody can come here in violation of our laws as long as they are coming here to work. Who told these people that being 'workers' enables them to flout our laws? Do these people actually believe such nonsense, or are just being disingenuous? If they believe it, they must be mentally challenged. No college student should believe something so idiotic.
All the elements are here: the overwrought rhetoric about 'families being torn apart' and people being snatched away from their crying children. Enough; they are free to take their children home with them. Do they expect anyone to believe that the illegals' children are forcibly kept here in the United States? Do they believe that themselves? How ignorant are they? Why don't the journalists who write this nonsense challenge those statements?
As you read the whole article, you will read the usual disclaimers: 'we're not racists' and all the variations thereof. If only people could learn to stop playing that game, and stop being defensive. It only draws us into their trap.
One more note on this article: there have been rumors of violence at this protest, but the article mentions only fleetingly that a couple of people, presumably Anglo-Americans, were arrested, but provides no further details.
At least two supporters of illegal immigration enforcement were taken away in handcuffs, but police declined to say why.
One woman who was handcuffed was accused of striking people at the rally. The woman, who declined to identify herself, made obscene gestures at TV cameras and kicked at reporters before she was handcuffed.''
This article, from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, provides scant details, but does mention that there were 'shouting matches' and scuffles, without saying who did what. The photo at the link shows a Hispanic-looking man 'in the face' of an Anglo. But as usual, the pro-enforcement Americans appear to have been the only ones arrested.
I think the anger is boiling over in many places, and the media are doing a fairly efficient job of suppressing any mention of violence and skirmishes. But if this immigration wave is not stopped, and the hostility continues to escalate, they will have to work harder to downplay and conceal the clashes that will be inevitable.

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