A request
0 comment Sunday, June 29, 2014 |
Lately it seems as if the number of blogs I read daily is dwindling as some of those I formerly read have become defunct or gone on hiatus, and others have gotten too PC for me (or maybe I've gone farther to the right). I find less and less interesting or inspiring material. I feel a trifle discouraged with what is out there in the blogosphere. Maybe things are changing for the worse out there, or maybe I just need some new sources of information or inspiration.
Do my readers have any links to 'right-wing'/traditionalist/nationalist/pro-West/realist blogs or other websites which I or others out there might find stimulating or interesting? Or informative, blogs which are not on my blogroll(s)? Plug your own blogs if you like, or direct me to links you've found, if you please. Thanks.

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