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Just a quick thought: a friend and I were discussing the fact that most of our produce, and indeed everything we need, seems to have to be imported from somewhere, mainly Third World countries. Meanwhile, we wondered, where do America's farm products go?
On this thread at AmRen, a couple of people raise the same question my friend and I were discussing.
I think it was Theodore Roosevelt who spoke against "foreign entanglements." He must have looked into the future of this country. What have we become? I looked in vain at the market yesterday for produce raised in this country. There was none to be found. Most comes from Mexico, with the Latin American countriesfollowing. Do we no longer produce our own food? Clothing comes from thirdworld countries and looks it. Our appliances come primarily from China. Are we left to be just a supplier of money for those who seek to overcome us? If the present trend continues, we will be strangers in our own land. In many states this has already happened. Yet we continue to elect those who are willing to sell out to the highest bidder. They�ve sold their patriotism and honor at the same time.''
Followed by this response:
I was told by someone in a small market the other day that most of our best produce goes to Japan and Europe because American farmers and corporations can make more money selling the produce there. Then, Americans get to have produce from Mexico and Latin America.
Whether that�s the whole story I don�t know but I have wondered for some time now why there is so little American produce in our grocery stores when we grow so much here in the United States.''
I was reading an old (early 1950s) book I just bought in which they wrote of how our country produced, then, more than half of the world's cotton. Yet, many of the fields that I remember as being cotton fields in Texas during my childhood are no longer growing cotton. Much of the corn grown is not grown for human consumption.
So why is this? Why are we now dependent on other, lesser countries for the things we need for our sustenance? Does someone have a good answer for why this is? I wonder if the first comment I quoted above is correct, and our country is meant, by these globalist web-spinners, to be nothing more than a nation of white-collar serfs
since we seem to manufacture very little and grow little of what we need to eat.
It seems to me as if the plan is to make each region of the world (I won't say 'country' because I think countries are to be made obsolete) to specialize in one area, with each region limited to certain services or products. Obviously we can't have independent, self-sufficient countries, can we? We have to be compelled to depend on each other for vital goods or services, and then we will all learn to live in peace and brotherhood, won't we?

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